My computers down

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by helpangel, Jun 20, 2012.

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    oh well I was going to live in a tent for a month anyway just glad my friend let me check my email and make a couple posts. Not sure if reformatting it is going to do the trick or if need to replace it, it's a giant paper weight right now.

    Girls are same old same old but their behavior usually improves when we get out to camp. We camp in a place that has a ton of security and they know my family well... Head ranger use to chase me when I was a teen, so he alerts his staff to keep an extra eye on my kids and if I call front gate for help they know not to send one lady ranger by herself LOL.

    Hopefully my son will have my computer fixed when I come into town for some appointments next week, otherwise I'll try to get online to check messages anything important PM me but it might take a week or more for me to get it.

    Guess while I got access to a computer should go check some of those 300 unread emails... you all have a peaceful summer.

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    I hear you...I've crashed two laptops in three days. Now I'm on our old dinosaur desktop and praying nothing happens to it. My Hubby is attempting to correct whatever I did, but who knows if it can be.