My daughter giving me a guilt trip HELP PLEASE

Garnetta G

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My twenty yr old college student had a baby April the 10th I was there for every appointment I was there for the birth even though she was 2 and a 1/2 hours away add an extra 40 minutes to the Dr & the birthing center was we bought everything the way she & baby needed the dads & That her Bio dad n family lives 10 min away didn't do crap, not even call and check on her. I KNOW I didn't mind, but it hurt her.we even bought her a car where she can make the babies doctors appointments, anf as I stated I live 2 2 1/2and away. I was there from the 10-12 then came back on the 13th stayed over not leaving till that evening of the 14th, then drove back just to returned on Thursday to drive her and baby fit ck uI. Thrn I brought baby home till she showed up Saturday, to visit and get him. So TODAY baby has his circumcision appointment I cannot make it because I haven't 11yr old. I have to register her for school and get physical appointment and then karate tournament for the last 9 months it's been about my older daughter in its effecting my younger daughter so I told my older daughter I won't be making it today I'm staying with our younger daughter because we have things do and the 1st thing that comes out of her mouth is your not Reliable when in fact even when the baby was here this weekend at a spot in new bottles and as I mentioned before we bought everything for that baby I mean she's a single 20 year old mother that has a job that pays a rent that's about it and we bought a ca just so I can't make one . Muappointment all of a sudden I'm not reliable and I'm a piece of krapp so please gimme some advice to say back to her. I know if she's well in the job she made the 2 and half hour trip here n back.
Ages hurts to hear her say that I'm not reliable in that we haven't done so much for which I don't care and I'm not trying to throw it up in your face so I didn't say anything it's just I've got another daughter to take care of and I don't know what to say to her to get her to understand that I know being a single long as hard and I'm doing everything I can to help but I can't neglect to my other child please give me any advice.


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She is probably sleep deprived and hormonal. You bought her the car. You've been there for her. You have another daughter who needs you also.


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Has she always been this way? If so, this is how she is. If you help her, dont expect thanks.

No magic words will change her. You are best not trying to defend yourself. That just gives her a way to throw your words back at you and twist them. Just enjoy the baby and take care of your youngest. She needs you. Nobody told your twenty year old go get pregnant and move far away. Nobody is telling her to act ungrateful and entitled.

The circumcision can wait. I thought it was done in the hospital. Either way, it is not an emergency.

I am sorry for this pain. You don't deserve it.