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    I don't think my difficult child's teacher "likes" her. I mean, she just doesn't seem like a kid person, if you know what I mean. I never see her sitting with the kids on the floor or reading to them. She's always doing her own thing, like cutting out things for art projects, etc. I didn't really see this until today. I dropped off Hayley, and she didn't really greet her. She just said "hi" to me and then went about her business. I asked about yesterday, and she said that it was a little "rough" at circle time and naptime, but not a horrible day.

    Interestingly enough, her other teacher, a young college girl, told me yesterday afternoon that difficult child NEVER gives HER any trouble at all. She said that she had an excellent day yesterday. Nothing else to add.

    What do you guys make of this?
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    When I dropped my first kiddo off at preschool my expectation was that all preschool teachers were warm and fuzzy types. They aren't. Two of the three my kids had weren't with the aide being the warm and fuzzy whereas the teacher did a lot of taking care of business. My kids did fine with both types--they just had different kinds of relationships with them as you would expect.

    Kids do respond differently to different temperaments and not always in the way a parent expects. I was dreading difficult child's kindergarten year as it was the teacher in the building that parents most wanted to see retire. The two of them got on great together--I was shocked.
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    The younger teacher may just have more patience for differences and a little more energy to keep up with a difficult child. I know my Duckie, while not particularly overactive at school, does relate better to younger & more energetic caregivers/teachers. I've kept that in mind when choosing her classroom placements for kindergarten & now 1st grade.
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    husband thinks that the younger teacher doesn't yet have that "I am the adult and you are the child" authoritarian view of things yet. Her regular teacher was APPALLED the first time daughter said "no" to her. The college girl probably just blew it off. The younger girl is actually doing a better job of handling my daughter! She doesn't make a big deal out of things, so neither does my little difficult child.
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    Well, I think you know who to try hire for childcare over the summer, lol! Duckie had a problem with her older teacher, but absolutely adored the younger one.
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    I found that my DS took great to the guy teacher's asst. in the class, but not the head teacher, who was just as young as the guy, but pretty much ignored him and didn't attend to him at all. The guy did need to work on having the upper hand and not giving DS an inch, but he was also better at letting the unimportant things slide.

    Our dr. told us that we have to choose our battles. I relayed that to daycare, but it didn't always work.

    Another big problem was nap time. DS hasn't taken a regular nap at home in about 2 yrs. He was forced to at daycare, and ended up being disruptive. At the new daycare, he's not forced to take a nap and he does great.
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    It all depends on the teacher, both of my difficult children have done really well with the spec.ed. teacher, but niether did very good with the two teachers at HS. I recently pulled Bub out of HS and have him working with a private teacher in the morning(for free thank God), and Spec. ed in the afternoons. in my humble opinion it takes someone special to work with difficult child's and not everyone has that nack. And if the older teacher is making a deal out of everything then so will your daughter. If one of my kids starts making a fuss about something all three get going.

    I have a question- Are both teachers at the same pre-school? Maybe the younger teacher could be your daughter's main teacher if thats possible.

    I agree with PJD123, you have to pick your battles(ok, so my kids don't always match and sometimes skip baths but running out the door naked is going to far).