My difficult child's new teacher


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She has taken my son's desk and put it right up against hers, and turned it to face the rest of the class. This has stigmatized him and cultivated an attitude of "class clown" which makes him extremely disruptive. I don't blame him. How else is he going to "save face" after being singled out like that?
We have a meeting with teach after school on Thursday where we will have his desk moved back with the other children (maybe I can get it moved before the meeting) and discuss some other things.
I might take him out of this school.

That is a crappy way to start out a school year! GRRRR...

I hope that gets changed before the meeting. Give them he** at the meeting. WARRIOR MOM!


I don't think this is what was in mind with-"preferential seating."

I wish educators would contact parents and discuss the pros and cons of making a change that sooo makes a student stand out as "different." I think it would cut down on the inadvertent acts that trigger our kids.


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I wish they would too Sheila! I don't think they always think that way. Sometimes they think like husband, its the "I'll show you who's boss." attitude. NEVER WORKS!


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Why did they put his seat there?

Is he in a regular education class with 20 something other kids or some type of SPED classes?

My easy child was very disruptive last year, prior to being diagnosis'ed and put on medication. The teacher HAD to move his desk up to the front row, right beside hers. Although she did call me first, and my easy child didn't necessarily LIKE it, he was being disruptive, rude, and preventing other children in the classroom from learning anything. Obviously, this isn't very acceptable either.

Just looking at it from another side here.

I think they could have called you or prepared your child for it first, though.


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He is in a regular class but there are only 10 students in his class because it is a small school. He has a very hard time paying attention to his work because the kids around him are distracting. I don't mind if the teacher wants to move his desk a little bit away from the others, but this thing of being up front and being turned to face the class has really hurt him. I teach the first class of the day and he is in my class (also he was in my class last year) and I can say his behavior has gotten much worse this year with this new arrangement. I was gone to a continuing education conference all last week, so this situation had time to develop while I was gone. When I taught class this morning I barely recognized my own son, he was somebody else. I was in tears the whole way home. If you take a class clown and move him to the front of the class, it will only make it worse.


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I forgot to add that our first meeting with the psychologist isn't until Sept. 11. So we have to muddle through somehow until then.


I understand what you mean about the other kids being distracting to your child. At the elementary school they put the desks together to form tables and all my daughter could focus on was the other kids tapping their pencils or their feet or moving their papers or talking. The only alternative the teachers' offered was to seat her like your son is and I wouldn't have it. Why should she be singled out when she had done nothing wrong?

IOW, I understand where you are coming from completely. With only 10 kids in the classroom, there HAS to be another alternative.


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I just picked up difficult child from school and he says that the teacher has moved his desk back to the rest of the kids' desks. she must've suspected something was amiss when I requested a parent/teacher conference.