my loved ones and NIU tragedy

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by dreamer, Feb 16, 2008.

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    Yes, my brother is safe- but, one of the girls that died was his friend thru grade school and HS....and him and I did not even get to whether any of the other victims that are wounded are known to him. Sadly, my brother was thrust unready into "independant living" by death of our parents....and he is not very bonded to any of us siblings ....altho we have been working on that.

    My friend, I am assuming is safe. She is a professor there, but not in the field of study that seems to have been hit. ANd I did not see her name on any of the victim lists.

    PCs mentor, thank goodness was not lectureing there that day. YAY!

    My 2 nephews. 1 I am afraid to say we were anxious he possibly could have been the shooter at first (he fit a lot of the things there were saying), thank goodness we found out yesterday morning he was NOT. Altho we have not talked to him, we are confident he is fine.
    His brother teaches there, as a sub teacher....and one of that nephews friends was killed. Again, I do not know how many of his friends might be injured.

    PCs cell has alternately not been working, and she has had it off to help her get some rest to recover from her we are not certain about her friends who do go there, altho we think none of her friends died. (our cable TV was also out all day yesterday) She already has a peer/classmate wake and funeral to go to Monday, a classmate died from a chronic illness this week.

    difficult child so far seems to be lucky enough she does not know any of the victims, but she also has a wake/funeral to attend. A friend of hers was working on his car this week, and it fell on him. :-(

    So, we were already kind of on overload before all this awful tragedy hit.

    It is simply so sad, so tragic.
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    Getting info has been really hard. I'm not sure why they lock down cells, etc. during these kinds of things.

  3. dreamer

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    I do not know how much we were affected by any cell phone lockdown of towers or anything. AT & T had a problem all week here with cell phones. And our cable TV went out Friday.
    easy child turned her phone off at my request so she could rest to recover from her pneumonia. My brothers were simply slow to reply to me. (probably becuz they were busy trying to find out answers)

    The hardest part for me, here, was finding out if my one nephew was the shooter.....becuz he is estranged from his parents, and he doesn't reply to them. (he lived with me for several years) So until the shooters name was released, I did not know.

    BUT I am local, and so close here, I was able to get some info once I found out anythng was going on. And I did know several people who were there at the time.....
    So being local, I am not sure we had a LOT of difficulty getting info.

    Sadly, Ryannes wake and funeral are one diretion from my house, and the one for PCs classmate are here, around the same time Monday.
  4. Abbey

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    My gosh...thinking your nephew might be the shooter...I can't even imagine. My heart bled for the father of the shooter. What a thing for someone to deal with. He's not only having to deal with the media, families hurt, but also the loss of a son.

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    I'm glad your brother is safe, and really glad your nephew wasn't the shooter. Like Abbey, my heart aches for that Dad. He's not even going to be able to grieve in peace.

    Such a sad, sad, horrible thing.

    (((hugs))) to the kids dreamer. I hope they do ok with the funerals. It's really hard to have mortality sink in at such a young age.