my niece is a demon

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    I'm an aunt to a little five year old niece who I love dearly but I knew at 6 months old something was not right when my niece scratched the heck out of my right cheek then bit my husband in the face, since then she has been hitting biting scratching slapping people across the face, she is abusive to her mother, it has been 5 years till the date she was born and she is ferocious , my sister recently had another baby girl a year ago and she just turned 1 yesterday ,she is also abused by her big sister as well, my first niece has walked up to her mother & sister & poured a cup of juice over her mothers head, my own daughter who is very close to her has also witnessed this abuse as my niece has threw a hard cover book at her head & has also pinched her and walked right up to her and slapped her in the face , my daughter is 18 and so she slapped her right back and my niece then slapped her again in the face and my daughter slapped her again the my niece finally cried and ran off, my daughter does not usually hit at all but she wanted her to see that she should not hit other people , however that is nothing compared to her slapping nurses in the hospital and biting kids, and it scares me because we have taken her to the play ground and kids her own age walk up to her and say your a monster one girl said your not normal something is wrong with you to my niece, that worries me because i wonder if the kids can sense something wrong with her, she is so out of hand with strange behavior she talks to her hand all the time or talks to her self in the mirror , her mother gets attacked all the time, when she gets angry she hisses and growls and shows her teeth, she had an accident at my house because i was not aware that she did not know to not to touch candles, and she touch the flame for a second and i felt terrible, my sister was sitting right there and never warned me about child proofing my house, i thought at five she would know not to touch candles however she burnt her finger and started growling and hissing at my candle, i love my niece but this girl hits hard and today was the final straw - my sister becky another sister with no kids went shopping with my sister and her two girls and of course my niece belted my sister becky in the face and that was it she went home mad as anything,I'm at a loss as my sister has not taken her to a Doctor yet to get help and I know something has to be wrong with her, I'm not sure if this means anything or not but from the time my sister was 5 till 18 she was attacked or haunted by something at home, i hope some one might be able to give us any info or any ideas as to what might be happening here,
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    We are the parents of these kids you call "demons." You are wrong. Since she was always this way, she was born wired differently and should probably be evaluated and treated. Maybe she has a form of autism or some other childhood disorder. NO CHILD IS BORN BAD! by the way, shame on your daughter for slapping a five year old. I don't care what this child did. She is disordered and slapping is not appropriate. This is not her child or your child. Your sister may choose to listen to you or disregard your advice. That is the ONLY advice you should give her. I hope you are NOT telling her that she is a deficient parent who is "spoiling" her child...we have all heard that and it's a load of rot. These differently wired kids do not respond to normal parenting methods and you could not have done better with this child than your sister is.

    What happened to your sister would not have anything to do with her daughter unless she abused her daughter because of it, but I'm getting a strong "differently wired neurologically" vibe here. If you sister will not have her daughter evaluated, perhaps you should detach from them a bit and go on with your own life. This isn't going to be bettered by labeling her a demon child or by slapping her or by acting like she is crazy. She is not crazy, but she does need an evaluation and serious interventions. Since you can't control what her parents do, it is maybe best to stay away. I am assuming sister is not interested in taking her daughter for an evaluation.

    Even if she does, this child is going to be a work in progress and will not behave like other kids do around you or anyone for probably several years or longer. She must know what you think of her. It isn't good for her or for you. Or your sister.

    I hope to see your sister here. We could help her with suggestions and resources. Or maybe her father. Either one would be good. Although your intentions may be good, I don't think you are looking at your niece the way she really is...and perhaps you are blaming your sister for your niece's behavior. All I can say is, please...your sister doesn't need it. She must feel badly enough. All of us have.

    If my seventeen year old daughter slapped a little kid for ANY reason whatsoever, life as she knew it would be over. But she wouldn't. She has an autistic brother so she is understanding. Although my son was never that wild, he was 'weird' because spectrum kids do strange things. I am thinking probably "spectrum" for your niece, but she needs to be evaluated. Spectrum kids CAN be quite violent too until they have t he right interventions and learn how to socialize normally.

    The "demon" hits me wrong. Sorry about that, but you may have once said that about my son.
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    A good dr to take her to is a neuropsychologist. But the best thing you could do is be supportive of your sister. What she goes through on a daily basis trying to raise a different child is very hard to describe adequately. So reading on this site might help.