natural antibacterial for minor cuts/scrapes

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  1. cmdh

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    Does anyone know of a natural antibacterial that can be used in place of something like Neosporin, solar cane etc? Most of them contain petroleum’s that we are suspecting difficult child is allergic to. Her dr also said to stay away from petroleum.

    GFG’s knees do not have a spot on them that is not covered by a scab then from the knee down is all bruses... a little clumsy but she is having fun! :laugh:

    Your help is greatly appreciated.
  2. vlh

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    Just basic soap and water is all you need. If you are worried about bacteria getting into the woulds, cover with a bandaid or gause/tape. The antibacterials are really not neccessary. My boys (3 of them) always have scrapes and cuts, I wash well with regular (not even antibacterial) soap and water and cover it with a bandaid. We have never had anything get infected.
  3. Jisp

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    Betadine is a great way to wash wounds out. It is what they use in hospitals to cleanse deep wounds before suturing.

    Also Dr Brommer's baby soap is a gentle soap that can be used on open cuts.
  4. hearts and roses

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    Crushed parsley and aloe is a nice soothing barrier to dirt after the wound has been cleansed with just regular soap and water or betadine.

    I just crush the parsley with my mortar and pestle, mix if with some aloe juice and put it on there. You only need a little and it's soothing.
  5. GoingNorth

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    Organic honey is a great antibacterial dressing for minor wounds. It's use goes all the way back to Egypt and probably before.
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    Melaluca Oil but you will have to find a dealer. I love it and it works on scrapes, burns, ect. It's made from a plant and is all natural. Here is a link to one of their websights.

    Maybe you can find a dealer there. It's great stuff there is info if you look through the sight.

  7. Tisa

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    Isn't witch hazel a natural disinfectant?