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    My son peanut is going through the IEP testing, meanwhile they set up recomendations at a student assistance team (SAT-school employees in charge of IEP process) meeting. They decided to remove peanut when he is disruptive or has inappropriate behavior. He is to be removed from his class for one hour in a room with a teacher, desk and chair only. After the hour is up, he is to return to his class and try using acceptable behavior. If he cant behave then the process of removing him for an hour starts all over.

    Friday the principal was out and that left the :censored2:. principal( Mrs. R) in charge. Peanut was sent to the office for disturbing other students in his class. Mrs. R called me and she asked me for advice on what she should do because he wasn't doing his work and was disturbing other students in his class. I told her to give him some different options of work he could do and that I couldn't do much to enforce he does his work as I was at home without transportation.

    About a half hour latter I received another call from my other son Ducky who was sent to the office. I talked with him about behaving and told him we would talk more when he got home. I thought he would be sent back to class.

    About twenty minutes latter I received another call from Mrs. R who was upset that Ducky and Peanut were not behaving in the office. They were singing, talking, getting up and sticking their tongues out. Why on earth they would be sitting next to each other is beyond me. Once again I told her I was home without transportation and was not able to do anything until they got home.

    I received another call from Mrs. R about 1:30pm asking if I could find a way to come get them. She told me she was trying to run an office and the school of about 800 kids all by herself, which is hard to do when you have kids that need to be babysat. The boys were running around and disturbing parents and other students. I told her I had no way of getting them, but I could walk the six miles to get them if necessary. My mother would not let me take my niece that far, so they needed to stay at school until they could take the bus home after school.

    I received the last call about 2:35pm from Mrs. R informing me that both Ducky and Peanut were removed off the bus because they sat the boys together and they were loud.She stated she had called the police department to see what she should do since I was without transportation to come get them.

    Thankfully, my step father had hid a spare key to their van with transmission problems. I went ahead and chanced making it to and from the school. Upon my arrival at the school I noticed two police cars. When I went inside the office I was told to go to Mrs. R's office. Outside her office were three police officers. One officer asked her to explain why they were called out. She started explaining their behavior and then stated they were singing songs about the bus drivers funeral. A police report was filed. Both the boys were also suspended for two days.

    I have requested several times through e-mail with the principal that I do not want Mrs. R to handle discipline with Ducky or Peanut. She has not listened to anything I have said on how they respond to harsh tone of voice, interruptions and not listening to their side of the story, even if they are wrong. She seems to escalate their mood every time she deals with them.

    This was not handled well. I believe after talking with Ducky and Peanut that the recommendations from the SAT meeting for Peanut were not followed.

    They had to eat lunch outside during this time. The lunch supervisor said Ducky could go play but Peanut couldn't. Then after lunch time was over they were both returned to the office.

    Don't they have to follow the recomendations that are in writing and signed by the SAT members?

    What do I do? I think it is because I made a big deal about the counselor hitting my son at school four weeks ago.
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    Peanut was not returned to class since he went to the office at 11:00am.
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    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Don't they have to follow the recomendations that are in writing and signed by the SAT members? </div></div>

    One would think so, but you need to check your school policy.
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    I have so much to check on today that I just might get some answers. Thanks.