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    sorry i need advise quick on this one if possible. columbia is confusing me very badly. they messed up set up neuropysch evaluation. with a clinical pyschologist even though i asked 5 times for a neuropsychologist, adn even emailed it.

    the woman who set up appointment for me messed up basically. the administrator from columbia contacted me tonight adn said that the woman is capable of doing the testing but she's not board certified and she also doesn't or this isn't her specialty by any means.

    i said ok i requested several times, etc. she apologized then she asked me what type of neuro testing??? i said what do you mean what type?? i said a full neuro psychiatric evaluation. tha'Tourette's Syndrome what her pyschiatrist suggested. then she said well maybe you could have him call us so we have a better idea of what needs to be done. she said we have a neuropysch here now but i'm not sure if she is availabel and it's alot more expensive because i'Tourette's Syndrome alot more in depth than what they were giong to do????

    so now i have back up appointment with some random neuro psychiatric on friday i told columbia i need answer by tomorrow to know what i'm doing on friday regarding the other neuro psychiatric if their available during dates i already booked hotel, etc.

    so am i loosing it?? is there certain types of neuro psychiatric testing? was i supposed to tell them??

    help going

    thanks :) Jen
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    p.s. can't her her pyscdoc call them at columbia i'm still waiting on call back from last thursday.....that'll never work.

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    Personally, i wouldn't let the one they are proposing do the testing- if I understand correctly, the one they scheduled you with might be able to do a couple of tests, but not full neuropsychologist testing, as was recommended, and this person really isn't qualified anyway. Is the one you have lined up for Friday a licensed/certified psychologist that typically does full neuropsychologist testing?

    I probably would have repsonded to this scheduling person that they should have already checked to see if the qualified psychologist was available for those dates- push for them doing that immediately.
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    the one for friday is licensed, yet totally different setting. it's going to be random dates in between fighting to get her in school. yet i haven't cancelled it yet until i hear back from columbia tomorrow.

    am i supposed to know what type of neuro testing?? i didn't know there were different ones??

    soooo confusing.......sheesh

    i did tell columbia from beginning that i wanted neuropysch (board certified, etc.) they messed up and gave me clinical pysch. i told the administrator tonight that i want a board certiifed neuro psychiatric. she said well what kind of testing?? (are these people insane?)
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    Tell them complete educational and psycholoogical. Tell her what diagnosis's have been (are being considered). The testing is actually a series of "mini-test"- they can't expect you to know the names of each. There's something wrong with this picture. It should be the psychologist discussing these things with you and psychiatrist and any therapist involved so he/she will know if there needs to be more focus in one area or another. It might be better to have them broken up a little if it gets you in there quicker and since your difficult child is so young- our psychologist had mentioned that when kids are real young they sometimes break testing up over several days because if difficult child gets too tired or "burnt out" with too many hours of tests, the results might not be as accurate.

    I'm no expert on this though- wait and see what others with more experience in this say.
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    Jennifer, here is a link to a good description of what a neuropsychologist is and does from Wikipedia:

    Neuropsychologists are clinical psychologists that specialize in brain function. Columbia may be confused by your use of the term "board-certified," which I believe (but could be wrong) only refers to medical doctors. Neither psychologists nor neuropsychologists are medical doctors.

    I agree that you should have your daughter tested by a neuropsycologist, not a clinical psychologist.
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    thank you for that i will use that today when i call them. they actually used the word board certified not I.

    for a well known hospital with whom is supposed to have a great reputation they kinda s*

    thank you for the quick response. i needed to call the administrator back today and tell her what type??