Need emergency travel assistance for Aspie kid...


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I am in Arkansas and need emergency travel assistance to get my 16 yo nephew who is Aspergers back home to his mother in West Virginia. I've tried getting cheap-no cost flights, or assistance with gas money to drive him no avail!

We started out to offer respite care to his parents and now he has become homesick and extremely irritable here, on top of being Asperger's, and it's been a real downhill battle the last week. Our nerves are shot, and somehow this kid thinks that if he misbehaves or tantrums badly enough, he'll magically get to go home!

Both families on both ends have had fincancial emergencies this month and finances are very limited in trying to help get "E" home. Last night, we endured a whopping 5 1/2 hour tantrum. Last weekend, my husband was physically hit during one of these tantrums. Other than the last week, things had been relatively calm.

Any idea how to help get this child back home with his Mom?? And fast????

Thanks for listening...


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Yes. We seem to be getting different answers as to their resources, as at first they had the money to meet half-way; now they don't.... so I basically feel the responsibility has been put onto my shoulders. Thanks for a great suggestion...


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How did he get to your place? If he flew and you have the return ticket, you might be able to get him on a flight on an emergency basis with no additional cost. It may mean a letter from his doctor or a doctor where you are stating that he cannot take the stress of being away from his parents.

I doubt if they can help, but you might try contacting the Red Cross and see if they know of any services that may be able to help.

Good luck!


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Honestly if it were me I would load that boy up in my car on my next available day and drive him home, even if it meant putting the gas on my credit card. If would probably be far cheaper to absorb the costs on your end then the possible outcomes of an unstable teenage kid with AS: broken furniture or furnishings, ER trip for hubby, hospitalization for the teen if things downward spiral rapidly, etc.

I appreciate the fact that you've stepped up the plate to help but as this is an informal 'family helping family' respite situation, it's unlikely you'll find financial assistance.
While I agree completely with SRL that the child needs to be brought home sooner than later, I wonder if you could get a cheap bus fare (Greyhound?). You may be able to score one cheaper than the price of gas to get him home. At least you only have to pay for a one way trip. They often have weekend deals, I would check it out...