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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by house of cards, Sep 7, 2008.

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    My difficult child Major hasn't played organized sports for years because he wasn't able to handle it. He has a natural talent for football and is very athletic so we are attempting to put him into Pop Warner this year and it has gone better then I had hoped.

    The amount of exercise has been very helpful but (isn't there always a but) his stress levels are increasing. Lately he has been trying to find excuses to not go to practice and exploding in the car when it is over. He has done amazingly well at practice. His coach has a son with ADHD on the team and thinks that is all Major has as well, but he has been very good with Major.

    Anyway, today is Major's first game and the pressure is intense within him. I so want him to experience success with this season so any good thoughts would be welcomed. He is a tough kid to be sure, but I am seeing growth within him. I just won't post about the stealing...ugggh.:(
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    Good thoughts, well wishes, and ju-ju vibes being sent your way! I hope a little pep talk aheead of time helps him realize that just doing his best is what counts. I wish my son hadn't waffled on the football issue until it was too late for him to join- so, I'm proud of him for hanging in there this far! It's a shame that our kids can't see that if they give it a shot, they'll end up feeling sooo much better about themselves.

    Good luck- let us know how it turns out!
  3. gcvmom

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    Sounds like he stores up anxiety like my difficult child until he blows (easy child/difficult child 3 for that matter, too). We've had stealing issues with him as well. Hope his game goes well today and that he feels good about himself afterwards, too!
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    My difficult child also has not done team sports until up to last Spring. He just never wanted to and I never pushed - also one of those things that is very hard as a working mom to get to practices in the middle of the work day. My difficult child does love football and decided this year to join this fall.

    In June, I signed him up for base ball. He wasn't too sure about it - never much touched a ball or bat in his 11 years of life. He soon found himself fitting in with the other boys. We were blessed that he was on a team where the boys actually did encourage and congratulated each other. He is enjoying the pitching mound and outfield.

    Then, football camp came up. difficult child attended a three day camp to see if he would like football. The 1st day was on one of the hottest days of the year. difficult child put on the heavy equipment and stated he didn't think he would like football. I told him to hang in there and give it a shot.

    By the end of the 1st day, difficult child decided based on the other kids' mean self centered comments that he did not want to play. I told him that if he wants to play football not to let these comments bother him. He can show up for practice and games and do his job.

    By the end of the 2nd day, difficult child decided that he did want to play. He loves tackling.

    By the end of the 3rd day, difficult child was not sure again. He just could not get over the annoying behavior of the other boys. So unlike his baseball team - so into themselves and putting each other down.

    Since difficult child didn't care if he is in football or not, I decided not to sign him up. I figured two nights a week and every Saturday for 2 months is way more than I want to give to it (he already does tutoring 2 nights per week, bowling one night per week, and trumpet 1 night per week).

    If difficult child still had his heart set on it, I would have made it happen for him.

    I hope this does work out for your difficult child. The boys will learn to work as a team and that will make it easier for difficult child. Unitl then, I hope he enjoys doing his part.
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    I will send good thoughts. I have little experience other than soccer with organized sports. The coach and kids makes a HUGE difference, or that is our experience.
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    I hope it went well!!!!!!!!!!
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    It went well. He didn't set the sport on fire but he didn't throw a hissy either. I can see the pride he has in himself for getting through it, and that is worth alot. His team won, too! Thanks for the good thoughts.
  8. klmno

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    That's the most important thing, in my humble opinion! I hope he feels very good about it!