Need ideas for Mother's Day gift baskets

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by klmno, May 2, 2012.

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    We need to raise some money to help pay for the forum E is going to this summer. They have a couple of fundraising ideas on the forum's website but I was thinking making gift baskets that E can try to sale in our townhome community might be a good idea, too. There are probably 50-60 townhomes just in our little complex and many more around so I was thinking if we shot for 15-25 baskets, we ought to be able to sell them if they have commonly desired things and the price is right.

    So, I was trying to think of things I could buy in bulk for a lower price then split them up for gift baskets. One thing would be movie tickets and then maybe flower bulbs. Can anyone recommend a reputable website for bulbs where I could get a rush order for- say 20- bulbs for a reduced price?

    What other things could I get in bulk by Fri. or Sat. that would go well in a Mother's day basket? I can get baskets at a dollar store and I have seen celephane somewhere but I don't remember where. I was also thinking about a trip to Costco to see what I might find in a larger quantity.

    Tea candles or aroma thingies? Packets for coffee flavors? Do they sell women's products like bath beads in bulk packaging? I can't put wine in a basket if E is the one going door to door.

    If anyone has other ideas for fundraising (besides car washes and lawn care which are already on our list), feel free to throw them out!
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    What's the forum subject matter? He may be able to convass local community organizations (Kiwanis, Masons, Elks, etc) or local businesses for a small sponsorship. First thing I would do is talk to someone that is a community youth leader about receiving a written endorsement of E.
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    The school recommends them. This particular one is thru a university and is on medicine (he wants to be a vet but this is close enough). I wouldn't have a clue how to get him sponsored by a group- the only groups involved in his life are ordered by PO and there's no way Department of Juvenile Justice funding or a provider ordered by a PO is going to spend money on something like this. I honestly can't see the typical community organizations in this state sponsoring ANY kid coming out of Department of Juvenile Justice.

    He can take something to prove he's in the forum while trying to do fundraising and he won't be asking for money without something in return (car wash, yard work, gift basket, or whatever other idea we can come up with).
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    - "manpower"... it's spring cleaning time, and lots of ladies either don't have a husband or don't have one who will help... not to do the cleaning, but to lift this and move that and reach something else... work by the hour.
    - gift basket items... individually-wrapped flavored teas - buy in bulk, divide multiple flavors among the baskets; individually wrapped chocolates (just a few per basket), specialty sugar packets...
    - does he have a bike? could he do "small-pkg deliveries"? like running stuff down to the post box - stuff that doesn't involve money?
    - car detailing... really cleaning a car up nice and proper, especially inside (vacuum, clean inside windows, wipe down dash, etc.)
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    Dollar tree you can get many items in bulk and here is there shipping policy:

    Orders being shipped to a Dollar Tree store generally take 7-10 business days (sometimes less) depending on the store's next delivery. Once you place your order, you will receive an Order Confirmation email that includes an estimated delivery date to the store.

    If you've chosen to have your order shipped directly to you, we use UPS Ground, which usually takes 4-5 business days. For a higher shipping charge, you could choose to have your order expedited via UPS Air, which usually takes 2-3 business days.
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    Movie tickets can be pricey. For senior or disabled mothers, many can't manage sitting in the theatre. Also, the baskets that don't sell (hopefully he sells out!) might be better if they contain things you and he could enjoy as to not have wasted money of there are leftovers.

    Do you have a decent nearby movie rental place? Preferably a chain with locations in many places? You could get movie rental vouchers. You could buy gourmet microwave or jiffy pop popcorn in bulk. Put one in each basket with the voucher. Include a nice scented candle, perhaps a glass bottle of a gourmet type soda that isn't standard (think not Pepsi or coke. Here we have a few shops that carry glass bottles of amazing and different sodas that most people buy as a treat singly, as they cost more than regular soda). Or you could get a case of bottled water. Include two bottles. Grab a bulk package of singles juice crystals. Put two different favors in taped to the bottles. Or a dollar store pretty mug or tea cup with the already mentioned single gourmet tea bag. Add a few individual wrapped chocolates as mentioned by someone in a post. Maybe a travel size Peppermint foot cream or body lotion in a nice scent (I'd steer from florals as many dont enjoy them. Maybe a vanilla or something).

    I love making cellophane wrapped baskets. I would not use a traditional basket with a handle. Our dollar store sells so many varieties. I would choose something that would be handy and appealing looking that could be multi purpose. I recently bought square weaved bin type baskets. They are strong and sturdy. Came in earthy colors like brown, beige, a earthy green shade.

    Our dollar store cells the cellophane. Maybe yours does too. Here I get three pre cut basket wraps for a dollar. Or I can buy it as a huge roll for a dollar. Even better because you can cut to length.

    Instead of buying those big pre made bows that stick on (here they are a dollar a piece for the nice ones that look gorgeous on these type baskets), I buy (dollar store) gorgeous super wide ribbon and a pack of floral wire. I can make many stunning bows with one pack of ribbons.

    Our dollar store sells packs of three for a dollar smaller photo frames. If you can close the baskets in a way that is easy to undo and close again, you could include one and a buyer could put their own photo in it.

    The bulbs thing is also a great theme idea. Again I'm thinking of things available at our dollar store for cost reasons. You could also do packets of seeds. Instead of a weaves basket, our dollar store sells nicely colored hanging planters. Fill with Spanish moss. Add a couple of seed packets (think easily maintained spring type seeds) or bulbs. A nicely printed out instruction sheet. A pair of gardener gloves with a pretty pattern. Maybe a small terra cotta pot with a her packet and a small ziplock bag with a bow containing soil for the pot. Our dollar store also sells cute little garden stakes. Cutesy types with sayings on them or ladybugs etc. or we can also get cute garden decorative stones at our dollar store. Again some cutesy with creatures or engraved flat stones with a quote on it etc.

    I hope he can pull this off. It's a great idea for making some money.

    I've been pretty absent on the board recently with my own life goings ons. I have meant to tell you how relieved I was to see he was released. I know that the chaos that ensued while he was away was intense and I'm happy you're able to now move on a bit.
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    How 'bout dog walking coupons? I'd buy those for sure, lol. DDD
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    Because I love basket creating, I've thought of another one. Again, every single thing I've thought of for this is also available for a dollar a piece at our dollar stores.

    A small cookie sheet and a mini cupcake pan. Include a package of brightly colored mini cupcake liners. Add a package of dry vanilla or chocolate cake mix and a tub of frosting or a dry mix frosting package. A dry cookie mix package. A colorful jar of spring themed decorative sprinkles. A small whisk, small spatula, wire cooling rack. Toss in a apron and a pair of oven mitts. Maybe a small kitchen magnet with a bakers theme or a wall plaque with a saying. You know the ones I mean I'm sure, something about mom makes the best cookies etc.

    This can be done, basket included, from a dollar store for under $15.
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    While I was looking up the "traditional new home gifts" I came across this recipe... and thought of your could put the mix in small bags or bottles with the directions. It sounds yummy.

    Russian Tea
    2 cups Tang
    ¾ cup dry instant tea
    1 small pkg of lemonade
    1 ½ cup sugar
    ¾ tsp cinnamon
    ¾ tsp ground clove
    Mix in a large bowl. Store in an airtight container. Use 1-2 spoonfuls of mix for a tea cup of hot water
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    How about an inexpensive flower pot, seeds, dollar store gloves and garden tools.......use the flower pot as the "basket"