Need info about prepaid phone service for prison...

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    Anyone familiar with connect

    One of granddaughters wants to call her biomom in prison. I have looked at the site, called their customer service number, spoke to two different people, both were hard to understand.

    We saw that there was an option to prepay in such a way, that the only number her mom could call would be to only call her daughter. But all the fees have me confused. If she puts $20 on the account, then $6.60 goes to the company as a payment fee. If she puts $10 that fee is $5.95. Then it's 11 cents a minute... But I can't figure out if there are additional fees... Like a fee for each call, in addition to the fee per minute? But is there a fee just to create an account?

    What a pain in the....

    She hadn't talked to her mom in probably 3 years. She's been incarcerated about 2 years. Bio mom wrote our girls, one letter from jail, and one letter from prison. She might be released this fall, according to her. She was sentenced to 4 years. Spent 14 months in jail fighting charges. Plead guilty before court date. She figures it will be cut in fall for good behavior and previous time served in jail will count.

    Probably the longest she has been clean...

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    My son has used connect while in jail i set it up. They take a fee whenever you put money on then it is so much per min. You can check your balance when they call. They will warn you when funds are low. They can only call the registered number and will be cut off if you try to use call waiting or three way. There are some variences between jails depending on their rules.if you put money on commisary not phone it can be used to contact people other than the registered number. She can not call her mother only her mother can call and you have the choice to accept each time. Some jails have put in face chat but i never tried it.
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    Thank you tired mama... A 17yo teen shouldn't have to deal with this crap. But I guess I will set it up for her. Ksm