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    from what i have read the criteria for Aspergers varies widely. how can you know for sure? i know the answer is probably going to be a neuropsychologist evaluation, but what else for sure. my son does make eye contact. he isnt clumsy. he does not understand the difference of a stranger and i think i have been noticing a lot of our miscommunication is his literal understanding of statements...which i never thought of before reading this board. i kept telling myself "he is old enough to understand what strangers are, how to keep a secret (like christmas presents and such), to know when we are joking.." he is very athletic and is more coordinated at 6 than my 10 year old neighbor kids. but...he has huge crazy collections like fake mony, rocks, shiny stones of any type, cards...whether baseball, pokemon, basketball...anything that just has "a lot of the same thing", focuses for weeks at a time on one project or theme that no one can interfear with, like puzzles lets just say. he will work on 5 or 6 diff puzzles at the same time literally making a foreseen disaster... but sticks to it. its unbelieveable. his new one now is space, either on the internet, or drawing pictures...he will act like he is telecommunicating with teh aliens. he made a fake little phone with paper and penil, drew a detailed picuture of plantets and stars, and then made his very own paper/pencil keyboard. doesnt like changes in routines at all ..will cause a panic attack, he is very angry most of the time, physically. with his neighborhood friends he is very mean with, he tells them what to do, what to say...even tho they are guests that we invite over. it seems like he is jelous..but that isnt it. i am constantly saying "difficult child, they have their own thoughts and opinions...they are people too...what makes you think they want to play with you when your being so rude...".. never anything different. he will literally tell them to "just go home!!!!" i do understand his sensory issues making a lot of the problems and our sensory diet i do believe is really helping him to relax, what else am i missing? he has bipolar written all over his medical records because of the rapid mood swings... adn my sister being diagnosed. i really dont think that is what we are dealing with. i think the diagnosis has been made too quick.
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    I think it's best to take him for a neuropsychologist. Truly, I don't think any of us can tell you, however he does have a lot of the characteristics. Still, I'd go for a complete evaluation.
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    Yes, he does sound like he has alot of Asperger characteristics and I agree that a thorough neuropsychologist exam will be very helpful. We found the neuropsychologist exams to be very important in helping us understand difficult child's deficits and strengths. I too would be wary of a diagnosis that is too quick. Good luck.
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    If your gut instincts are telling you the diagnosis is wrong, it probably is. We may not have medical degrees, but we have Warrior Mom degrees. (We should just all put WM after our names!)

    You KNOW your kid. If something isn't right, you KNOW. Esp at age 6. Bipolar may or may not be their. My aspie has quite lovely (NOT) mood swings, periods of very grandiose thinking (fun when he says he is Wiccan- all SORTS of ways to overdo THAT!) and I am very very sure he is NOT bipolar.

    Go for the further evaluations. I know they can be expensive, but they are crucial.


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    Get the book Asperger's Syndrome by Tony Atwood or google his site. Within 2 chapters, I was able to tell that my oldest boy is NOT really Aspie but mimics it enough that I am able to get him services under that diagnosis (his true diagnosis, lead poisoning, doesn't count).

    Then get the neuropsychologist evaluation and use the book to frame the questions you want to ask the evaluators.