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    husband should hear this week about the job he interviewed for. He told me some of the questions and his answers. They were amazing. One was if you had the VP of Finance for the univ with a printer problem, a computer the students use to pay the bursar, that wasn't working, and the accounting dept software wouldn't let anything happen, what order would you fix them in?

    He said that depending on the time of month andpoint in the semester, he would fix the accounting dept first, the students second and the VP last. If the acctg dept cannot do anything then the students couldn't pay tuition and fees at the bursar anyway. The printer problem would be last because they could still be getting work done but they just couldn't print it. BUT if the VP had big reports due or it was the day before you were tossed out of class if the bills were not paid it would change things and put either the VP or the students higher up on the list.

    They seemed to really like this.

    They also asked him what some computer term meant. He gave a broad answer and said that he was aware of them but didn't have in depth knowledge. If it was something that came up in the job he would go home and look it up in the evening so he would be able to tackle it the next day - if it didn't have to be fixed right then.

    He really WANTS this job and would be awesome at it and it could be a real stepping stone.NOT great pay, but a job is a job.

    He even followed my advice and sent a written thank you note. He wrote a nice note and then also wrote what that term they asked about meant and what it might mean to the job he would have!!!!! He included the website he got the answer from - plagiarism is a huge thing in EVERY position at the university.

    Hoepfully that will give him a big edge.

    PLEASE pray for us, send good hire husband vibes, dance with chicken livers, etc..... We would really appreciate it.
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    you got it sister!! oka BOTH OF YOU......(and AHHHHHHH HA!!!!!!! you geekey computer terminology man!))))
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    Mula prayers and mojo being sent your way..............
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    That is so awesome!

    I love the letter. Not a couple of weeks back, Billy sent in his resume to Verizon. They must have liked him okay because they did a phone interview. He passed that one and they scheduled a second in person interview. Well, I am assuming he must not of have done as well on that one because he didnt hear back from that one. However the job is still posted. He has all the skills needed for the job. I have told him to write a letter to them stating something about how he wants to thank them for his interview and blah blah blah. I will even help him write it but he wants no part of it. he thinks its a dumb idea. Of course, Im stupid about things like this. Sigh.
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    Prayers, juju, body parts crossed...........and low and behold it's still cool enough to nekked chicken dance! Ahhhhh my poor neighbors...........
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    Mojo on its way! I hope he gets the job. I think the follow up note was great and very intuitive to look up the answer he wasn't sure of and put it in the note! Keep us posted :). My S/O is on the job trail too, although honestly we've been enjoying time together since his graduation and he's been lax about looking. He usually finds a good position very quickly (last 2 jobs were found day 1 and he started the next day for one, and the other he applied the Friday and started the Monday). Hope he has interviews go as well as your husband's when he finally starts looking in earnest this week. Finances won't allow us to enjoy any more down time for the two of us to just hang out lol. I'll be looking for updates :)
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    Body parts crossed!
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    U got it!
  9. Nancy

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    I'd hire him! I am very impressed with those answers and they should be too. But it never hurts to have as many prayers as you can so add mine to the list.

  10. HaoZi

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    Pretzeling, salting, dancing, you name it. Good luck!
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    Adding in my prayers.
    Susie, those answers were great! Exactly the sort of thinking that IT management looks for. Way To Go. husband!
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    All body parts crossed and prayers being said!
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    Best of luck to him and to you!
  14. susiestar

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    Thanks all. I thought the answers were great too. It has been almost 2 years since he was laid off.

    Janet, husband got his last job because of a thank you note. IT was with a MAJOR IT company too. He was the ONLY person of the several HUNDRED who were hired to send a thank you note. About three years into the job the big big big boss came to town for something. As part of a meeting he asked husband's name (husband had answered a question very well). He then said, OH, I KNOW YOU - You wrote that awesome thank you note. It was passed on to me and I have it posted in my office so that hopefully others I interview will see it and do the same thing. I have even pointed it out to some of them."

    This was a HUGE big deal and his boss was really thrilled that her boss kept the note and posted it. She only passed it on because she mentioned it and the big big boss had asked for it.

    Billy might still get the job if he will just send one. It may be "old school" but it makes a HUGE impression. Chances are Verizon is still interviewing. It can take up to a month for them Occupational Therapist (OT) interview all the people in person and then make a choice. Sending a note would make him stand out as very memorable in a good way. It can even overcome some problems in the interview.

    I am NOT saying this just because husband got a job wtih one. My mother has doen a LOT of work and research into job hunting as part of her work with students at the university. The big challenge in job hunting is to be memorable in a good way. IF you don't stand out from the pack you won't get hired. Period. LOTS of people who hire have said that the thank you note or other perosnal touch done in a professional way makes them think about a candidate more and makes the chances they will get the job far far greater.

    I also know a lot of people who hire others and many of them do not wnat to hire anyone who doesn't go the extra bit to stand out. Used to be that they refused to hire anyone who didn't send a thank you note.
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    Susie, I just now saw this - you definitely have my bead rattling, prayers, and pretzeling!!!
  16. susiestar

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    Thanks. I don't knwo when we will know but we should hear sometime this week. I pray. I just don't want to see that defeated "I will never be good enough because I am too old" look on his face again.
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    Sending hugs and good thoughts that your husband is hired!
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    Hoping and praying he gets the job!!!!!