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    have a BIG CHALLENGE. My daughter has Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD)/not otherwise specified. However, we now have her taking seraquel. She was taking respiradone. Both of these are mood stabilizers. She goes to XXX in XXX, XX state and is in the autism classroom. She has had many violent incidences, one of which got her suspended because she kicked a teacher without provacation. Today, she kicked an aide and had to be restrained. My husband had to leave a meeting, which was very important. I AM VERY AFRAID she will be expelled. Please help. What are our options? :anxious:
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    Is she on an IEP? If so, she cannot be expelled for behaviors that are a manifestation of her disability. Has she had a Functional Behavioral Analysis done? Do they have a Behavior Intervention Plan and are they following it?

    I taught at a school for children with autism -- I was bit, kicked, hit and it never would have occurred to me to tell the parents unless it was unusual and even then it was NEVER to get the child in trouble but just to keep the parent in the loop and get any suggestions they may have. These modern "I shouldn't have to deal with Special Education children" teachers drive me nuts!

    Welcome to the Board, we will help you through this (((hugs)))
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    JJJ is correct. For a child with autism, ANY behavior is going to be a manifestation of disability; therefore, for all intents and purposes, your child cannot be expelled. However, the SD can restaff your child to a more secure facility if she is a danger to self/others.

    Before this happens, if it would be proposed, efforts must be made to keep her in the LRE by the use of modifications including a BIP, 1:1 aide, safe place, etc. Only if "reasonable" attempts fail to meet her needs does the more restirctive placement become an option. It is really important to know your rights in these matters and SD personnel are often not going to inform you correctly.