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    Have tk's appointment in about an hour with behaviorist who will recommend her evaluation. We've been having more fun with poop (dog) over the past week. Nothing too extreme but enough to drive me crazy. She spent an hour on the phone with her dad last night after the latest incident after almost a week of great behavior, constant praise. Just scared I never know what tk is going to say. She's incredibly literal, sometimes straight out lies and I'm scared they will blame me and start bs with Cps. It doesn't help she was not by a dog at her friends house this weekend and will be walking in with warrior wounds.
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    Bit by dog
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    Behaviorist spent 30 minutes with me and 15 minutes with tk and decided to has a high iq with adhd. What ever. We got the neuropsychologist evaluation referral. I have a list of ten names and I'm trying to find someone who takes united health care locally.
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    THAT was the most important bit... good luck landing the right one...
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    True. You're right
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    Getting the referral for the neuropsychologist is the most important thing. Hopefully, one of them takes your insurance.
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    I found one we have a "getting to know you" appointment on the 29th and then set up the evaluation later
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    Gotta love those fifteen minute evaluations!
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    Happy about the N/P access. That's BIG! DDD