Neuro psychiatric testing has started on my difficult child#2, but where to put difficult child after Residential Treatment Center (RTC)?

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    After all the years of taking my difficult child#1 to everybody and their brother :sick: I am finally getting my difficult child#2 evaluated. The Neuro psychiatric just interviewed me today. I saw a huge list of possible tests that they can do the other night when I did a web search on Neuro Psychs and what they do. Next, he will interview and test my boy.

    My difficult child#1 is due to be released from Residential Treatment Center (RTC) June 6, but husband and I believe the boy is now very seriously depressed. He cries too much and still went in a rage on his last pass home. I can not take the yelling, cursing, rages, arguing etc. when he is home. While husband is working away from home, I really like the idea of a group home for difficult child#1 to live in. I have asked repeatedly for a neuro psychiatric evaluation at the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) for him. Our insurance rep said it is covered and can be done. The case manager called and said that the psychiatrist has agreed to have an emotional screen and asberger's screen done, but that doesn't seem like much.

    I can't let this get to me. My husband says "don't beat yourself up" It is very good advice and seems to be the best advice that I have gotten in a long time. Bye for now ~~~~
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    Why is the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) releasing him if he is still raging on home passes? and is still severely depressed?

    Can you push back at them and get them to keep him longer?
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    The Residential Treatment Center (RTC) believes he is a "new" boy. They have him convinced. They say that since he doesn't have rages at Residential Treatment Center (RTC) and is showing coping skills there that he is a "new boy". husband and I met with his counsellor yesterday and she said that he is not clinically depressed and was wanting to show me the description of clinical depression in her diagnosis book! My husband and I are going to schedule an inperson meeting with his psychiatrist next week to discuss this because he is crying ALOT there. We know this because when we call and talk to him he has been crying. When we pick him up on pass he cries.

    The counsellor and I are reading the book The Explosive Child that was recommended on this forum to begin looking at ways that he is frustrated at home. We told her that this "new boy" is still demonstrating very domineering behavior on pass at home, and that he went into a rage and beat himself with his fists and said he wanted to kill himself. I told her that he may have learned some coping skills, but his input processing and irrational thinking and lack of communication is the problem. He can't be taught coping skills without a good foundation of cognitive problem solving skills. DUH I asked her if he has a book or something to begin teaching him these cognitive problem skills. DUH She pulled out a workbook on it. I said please begin intensive training with him immediately. DUH.

    I can't stand these counsellors. They are so blind.
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    Residential Treatment Center (RTC) cannot possibly be taking all into account if he is crying that much and still raging. He might snow them there, but they're supposed to listen to you, too.
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    Keep going up the chain at the Residential Treatment Center (RTC). Kanga fools staff alot as well. There are staff at her Residential Treatment Center (RTC) that -- for over a year -- thought that I just didn't want her anymore and dumped her there. Thank goodness higher-ups weren't so easily fooled.

    Document! Document! Document! Keep a log of how often you call and he has een crying. Ask his staff "how has he been?' every day and write down what they say. Document what happens on his home passes - call 911 if he tries to hurt himself, if they deflect him at ER, ask Residential Treatment Center (RTC) staff to come and get him from the ER.

    You may need to look for a new Residential Treatment Center (RTC) that can do a better job with him. If they are used to kids throwing chairs across the room and attacking staff and your son if crying and self-injrying, he may just seem 'better' in comparison to his peers. RTCs tend to get good at helping a certain type of kid and not so good at other types of problems.