neuropsychologist evaluations are they coverd by most ins

are those evaluations covered by most ins companies? We have Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO. I know whether its covered or not is not the important thing I am just curious. Our ins plan covers most doctor visits but we do have a high deductible for mental health.

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Mine was covered by ours, it was considered a specialist and the co-pay was $25 for each child. Look in your insurance providers book and see if it lists any neuropsychologists. If you look on your insurance card, it should have a customer service #. You can call this and ask if this is covered. Good luck!


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Our neuro-psychiatric doctor was out of network... of course!!! But when I looked around there were none in network!!! So we called and they were changed to in network!!! We still had to pay the deductible for our insurance, it was like 250$ or so... but considering the evaluation was a couple thousand... I would take a couple hundred over that!!!
Sometimes even if the one you want is not in your network you can call and ask that they be placed in network... If the evaluation is referred it should be covered. I hope!!!


neuropsychologist testing has different definitions for different psychs, schools, insurance cos, etc. So what you really need to know are the insurance codes for each test the psychiatric wants to do and then run those codes by the insur co.