Neuropysch Tests and info


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What types of tests has your neuropysch used to evaluate your child? I'm curious what I should expect.

Mine gave me a questionaire filled with asbergher traits as well as a questionaire filled with ADD/ADHD and Social Anxiety questions. If anyone would like to use them as a referrence, I can email them to you. I scanned them to have as a referrence for myself.

I'm just curious how basic this is and what I should expect for the best possible result.


Every neuropsychologist uses a slightly different battery of tests depending on age of the child, suspected disorders, personal preference, etc. Here are the tests difficult child 1 underwent as part of his neuropych evaluation last December (his testing took 10 hours over 3 days):

Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-4th Edition
Klove Grooved Pegboard Test
California Verbal Learning Test of Children
Rey-Osterrieth Complex Figure Copying Test
Beery Developmental Test of Visiaul Motor Integration
Wisconsin Card Sorting Test
Integrated Visual and Auditory Continuous Performance Test
Rorschach Inkblot Test
Personality Inventory for Youth
Roberts Appreception Test for Children-2nd Edition
Selected subtests from:
Wechsler Individual Achievement Test-2nd Edition
Woodcock-Johnson Psychoeducational Battery-3rd Edition
Woodcock-Johnson Tests of Cognitive Ability-3rd Edition
Test of Languance Competence
Oral and Written Language Scale
Delis-Kaplan Executive Functioning Scale
Wide Range Assessment of Memory and Learning-2nd Edition

In addition, we filled out DSM-IV based ADHD, depression and mania symptom inventories created by the neuropsychologist, as well as the Achenbach Child Behavioral Checklist and the Behavioral Rating Inventory of Executive Functioning. difficult child 1's teachers filled out the Achenbach Teacher Report Form.

Hope that helps. Good luck with the evaluations.



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Our's was probably like MWM's and Smallworld's, Though I think due to K's age she didn't have quite as many as Smallworld listed but still a lot!!! 9hours, tons of forms before-hand. I stayed in the room in a corner with K. It was pretty intense. He performed lots of intelligence tests, behavior, cognative all kinds of tests. I have results from so many things, it was great!


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The neuropsychologist report gave me at least 80% more important, precious information than all the Psychiatrists and plain therapists (including regular Psycologists) put together. It was even more intensive than my son's MDE. Without this report, we'd still have ten alphabet soup diagnosis. and no treatment, no direction, no help for him when he reaches adulthood. It scares me to think of how close we came to not understanding him and having a realistic idea of his future. Not the mention my son had been on at least ten medications that he didn't need (some kids need medications, but he didn't--that didn't stop anyone from throwing medications at him).