NEVER did this before!


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I have never posted on ANY "Natural medications" site or facsimile thereof. I have NO clue what amount of Omega-3's to give! I decided it probably couldn't hurt ds and I won't give up the medications he's on...he definitely NEEDS them, but could this really help in addition to the prescriptions he takes? I'm willing to give it a try and bless his heart, he'll swallow anything I ask him to swallow. I just went to the pharmacy and bought Natrol Omega-3, purified Fish Oil. My ds is ten and eighty pounds.....I gave him one softgel (I assumed the directions for two/daily were for an adult). Will that be the right dose to start?


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I cant answer your question specifically. Just wanted to say that my sd has been on coromega, she really likes the taste of it. It comes in a box, and is little packets. I give her 3 a day as the psychiatrist suggested.

I havent really seen anything beneficial, BUT it is good for her heart, even if it doesnt help the issues. From what I was told anyway.


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We just returned home from a medication check at Children's Hospital. My son's psychiatrist said that Omega-3's will NOT hurt him and there have been instances where it DID help. He would look into the therapeutic level of dosage and let me know how much to give him.
It's good that you asked the doctor. I hope it helps.
My youngest will also swallow anything I give him. He also will eat just about anything. Anything but tripe, he says! :wink: