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    Good morning and thank you in advance! I will try to make this short. Son just diagnosed with Adjustment Disorder/Clinically Depressed, and put on vistaril, all because of one teacher. Migraines, diarreah, vomiting, violent with his 8yr old bro., unable to sleep, emotional outbursts, comes home from school 1-2x per week. Stays in his room and doesn't want to even have dinner with the family.

    12yr old son, 6th grade, has been having problems with language teacher all year. He has went from A's in years past,to barely passing. He has made perfect scores on TCAP tests. Good kid! Never any behavior problems...before this year! 11th grade reading level in 6th grade. Rarely had to study and loved school.

    I have had 2 meetings with the teacher, 2 meetings with the principal, 1 meeting with both. I have requested be be moved twice. The principal told me there was nothing he could do.

    This is just some of the ****!
    -Given bs write-off's, when he turned them in, said she never got them and made him do them again.
    -Has had detention, for not having a pencil in class.
    -Sub did not hand out assignment, so the entire class got detention
    -Said his book he brought was not appropriate reading, made him clean the classroom during reading time and threw his book in the trash.
    -Teacher calls him out in class telling him he is lazy.
    -Told him he was not a Christian, so he couldn't join FCA(Fellow Christian Atheletes).
    -Doubling his work in class.
    -Giving him write-off with no explaination what he did wrong.
    -Threatens to send him to the office on a daily basis.
    -Told him he is why teachers quit teaching.
    -Told him she had a suprise for him the next day and then sent him to the principal and kept him from attending the spring formal the next day because of having an imcomplete assignment 5 weeks prior.
    -The final straw was when she called him out in class and starting calling out his grades from his report card during homeroom. He told her to stop and when he lashed out, she threatened to send him to the office.
    -She came up behind him while he was working in class and put her hands around his throat!
    -She told him that he wasn't going to get rid of her that she was moving to 7th grade next year just to be with him!

    This apprently has been going on for years with other students. The principal told me that he has more complaints on her than he does then enitre facilty combined and said there was nothing she could be because she was tenured.

    I do have to say this, I have taken for granted what wonderful children I had. School was always to very easy for both my boys. I have always tutored children that had Learning Disability (LD). My brother in law is ADHD and had lots of problems in school.

    I did go to school and lost my cool! I embarrassed myself. I cussed, screamed, cried, stomped my foot...I just got really ugly.

    She retaliated against my son! Now, I can't even get him to go to school without a fight.

    Please help!
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    Since you have talked to the principal, I would either 1) go further up the chain and talk to the superintendent asking for you son to be moved immediately 2) move him to a different school, private if necessary, or 3) homeschool for the rest of the year.

    The teacher sounds impossible and it sounds like the school isn't going to do anything.

    If you take care of the school situation, hopefully, his other problems will resolve.

    Just my 2 cents.
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    I'd definately move up the chain. You might also look at filing harrassment charges and even assault for the hands around the throat.
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    If it is within your budget....I would get some "spygear" and send my son to school wearing a miniature camera in order to catch some of this teacher's outrageous behavior on tape. Tenure my foot!! If you have video evidence of this teacher's conduct, you should be able to press charges for assault as well as pressure the school to her have relieved of duty.

    Take no prisoners!!

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    As a teacher myself, that behavior is not acceptable. Tenure does not protect abusive teachers. The principal is just being lazy by not wanting to do the necessary documentation. All tenure does is provide protection against termination without just cause. This sounds like just cause to me. Don't back down.
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    If you have gone to the principal and the only thing you got was "can't to anything about it" I too recommend going to the next level. Write to any and all authorities above their heads. I would suggest you post this on Spec. Ed 101 as well, as they may have suggestions on who exactly to write to, what to say etc. I don't know how it is in the US so not much advice on how to go about this. Here, above the principal level is the School Board members, which are elected positions. When you go there, usually things happen, especially if they want to run in the next election. One parent going public about inaction can make that difficult for them if they had a situation like yours that wasn't being handled.
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    Ask the principal to sit in her classes every day for one week (all day long). That will put her under so much stress that I don't think she would make it one week without showing her true colors.

    I also agree - time to go up the ladder until someone listens. It would be interesting to get the word out and find out who these other parents were that made complaints. Take the issue to the school board with a petition to fire this teacher.
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    I am SO in favor of climbing that ladder!!!! Go down to the superintendents office and do not leave until you get some answers!!!! Do not let them bully you. Whether your son is an angel in school or a horror, that makes no difference, he should not be treated that way. Put your complaints into a formal letter and bring that with you to the office. Bring your son as well. Let the big boss here it straight from the horses mouth!!!! If you become a big enough thorn in their side you will get something done. It's unfortunate that it has to be that way though.

    by the way, welcome to the board. I am so sorry that you and your poor boy are going through this nightmare. That teacher has no business in a classroom!!!

    Hang in there and stand your ground girl! :)
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    See your local superintendent. Call a lawyer as soon as possible. Can you call DSS for abuse from a teacher? Can you file assault charges for her putting her hands around his neck. Do not allow him to remain in her room another day. I am a teacher, and this makes me ill.
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    Thank you all so much for your advice. I live in a very small community. Our school district is a "special school district". We are not part of the county system. Rocking the boat will surely lead to a headline in the weekly paper and cause talk about town. I say good! It's time for this sleepy town to wake up!

    I received the letter from his dr. It says...

    xxxx is suffering from an adjustment idsorder at school that I believe is directly related to his interaction with one particular teacher. I have suggested to the parent to bring the issue to the attention of the school board or the administrator of the school system as the school itself will not consider assigning him to another teacher or classroom. It is my recommendation that xxxx's parents seek psychological evaluation and counseling for their son. I do not believe pharmacologic therapy will resolve this young man's problem. If further information is needed, please contact my office.

    My son went to the school nurse again today. She called me to tell me that she would go with me to the superindendant. She said she has seen enough and this has got to stop!

    I had all of my documentation ready to go to the superintendant today. I was just waiting on his report card that he was to receive today. Well, his teacher, did not have time to give him his report card. She is the FCA sponsor and she was busy with the FCA students !! It is never ending!

    I will go to the school in the morning to obtain his report card. From there, I am going to the school board to visit with the superendendant. Should I inform the principal that I am going to the school board?

    My very dear friend contacted one of the school board members on my behalf. She left me anonymous. She stated my concerns. The board member is my son's youth minister at church and my husband's childhood friend. He advised her to seek a meeting with the super and be put on the review list for the next board meeting. He repeatedly said he was furious. Especially about my son being denied access to FCA.
  11. Wiped Out

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    I agree with the others, you have to go up the chain of command. In no way is what she is doing appropriate. She shouldn't be teaching! It also angers me that the principal admits he gets more complaints about her than anyone else but he can't do anything about it. He should be documenting everything.

    I also am a teacher and I agree with EW, it makes me ill.
  12. bran155

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    Good for you. It sounds like you have all of your ducks in a row. And how awesome that the nurse is willing to go with you!!! That's amazing!!! The letter from the doctor should do it. They can't ignore that!!!

    Good luck and let us know how it goes! :)
  13. Lothlorien

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    I would file a formal complaint with the board of education. I would demand that your son be moved out of this classroom.