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    Our little dog, 9 month old springer spaniel/lab mix. She has started whinning/crying ALL the time. She constantly has to be by your side touching you. When I walk toward the bedroom she will beat me to the bed. She will sleep right between my legs.
    Won't even go outside unless you go. She peeks her head out looking for squirrels but doesn't go....unless there is one.
    It is the whinning and crying that is driving everyone nuts. She goes in and out of every room in the house, over and over. (when difficult child is at school and husband is at work.I think she is looking for them)
    She won't eat her food. I left it sit for over 24 hours and she doesn't eat it. If I put canned food in and mix it then she eats only what canned food she can pick out.

    LOL...We had steak the other night. easy child wasn't home so I saved him a good size piece. He fried it up, smelling really yummy yesterday for lunch. Then i needed him to come with me to pick up the car. He put it on a plate on the counter. When we got back a short time got it. Steak juice all over the floor. I thought he was going to kill her. :rofl:
    of course I had to hide my laugh. It was a naughty dog. She didn't even know. wagging her tail. Happy to see you. Chloe..she came out with her head down and tail between her legs. But she has never ever even come close to our food. Even if we put it in front of her. She won't even eat her food if we say no. don't think she is even fast enough to get to the kitchen once the meat was on the floor.

    Anyway..any idea's why puppy is crying all the time? (does not cry when we are at the park or walking or if you are holding her or she is laying up against you.
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    We worked with a trainer when husband adopted a lab mix. She was very scared and anxious. We found putting a doggie shirt on her was very soothing.

    Other than that no ideas.


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    Sounds like she just wants all of your attention. Hopefully it just a puppy thing that she will grow out of, but I don't have any advice on how to help her to do that.
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    Could it be that something is wrong with pups tummy, like maybe the food is causing alot of gas, which laying against you or walking can help get rid of? Might also explain why pup isn't over anxious to eat.

    Just tossing out an idea.
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    Yeah, maybe a trip to the vet is in order. How long have you had her? Any unusual stress going on in the house?

    Hope pup is feeling better soon!
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    Kenzie is "testing" the waters of the hierarchy of your home. She is also suffering from separation anxiety. Giving her a Tshirt or a blanket of her closest human is a great idea. She's trying to figure out where she belongs and if she has any control over you, your husband, kids and other Lab. If left unchecked - eventually she will become a behavior problem. Whining is annoying.

    How long have you had her? The reason I ask (and don't be insulted) but a lot of times when people even really good dog people like you get a puppy, they forget some important rules. I would say at 9 months she's been away from her Mom and litter mates a long time. So she's adopted you as her "litter". When you brought her home without even noticing (because EVERYONE does it) you may have allowed her to do some things that have become habit without even knowing. Like not sleeping in her own crate - if she barks and howls - let her. This will probably not go on longer than a couple of nights but it's worth it - UNLESS you intend on allowing her to sleep in bed with you. As far as the jumping up? Immediately in a stern voice say Kenzie NO, and then OFF. Down is for lay down - on the floor and is a different command. You could say Kenzie, NO!! Off!! Sit. When she sits and is quiet for a time - tell her softly "good" and give her a little treat of some sort. Then IGNORE HER.

    During the day she has no one at home right? So she has no stimulation all day for 8 hours and then BAM everyone is home, and talking and she wants to play, be seen, be involved, and get her fair share of attention. If there is nothing medically wrong with her - IGNORE HER when she whines, EVERYONE will HAVE to do this for as long as it takes. Give her commands - she's looking for some direction. Then catch her being quiet and praise her softly and give her a treat telling her "good girl". Then stop petting her and allow her to be alone again.

    Puppy Barking, Whining and Howling

    Your puppy is howling, whining or barking for a reason. If the problem is not resolved immediately, whining can become an ingrained habit that is intensely irritating and annoying. Many dogs use whining, howling, and barking as a means of vocal blackmail in order to control their owners. ( love that vocal blackmail - sounds like my kid)

    I found this on line to help:

    Puppy Whining Do's
    -When confined to a crate or small room or pen, always give your puppy the benefit of the doubt. When she begins whining, immediately take her to her toilet area.

    -Teach your dog to accept isolation and privacy. Accustom your puppy to being left by herself, even if you are home. This will prevent separation anxiety and all the problems that accompany it.

    -Make sure your puppy is comfortable. Is your puppy hungry, thirsty, too hot, too cold, uncomfortable, sick, or has lost her toy under the furniture?

    -No high squeaky voices. Talk calmly and assertively.

    -When you know that all your puppy's physical needs are met and you have taken the time to accustom her to isolation, then teach her that whining is unacceptable.

    I hope this helps. At 9 months she should have all her adult teeth in BUT just to be sure there are no left over puppy teeth that are causing her to go for soft foods I'd get her checked out with your vet. If she's a picky eater try Nutro lamb and rice - it's about $1.00 a lb, but there is less food eaten and (oh thank you so much) less waste in the yard to pick up. And it's a good dog food.

    The fact that she's going for softer foods dog food, steak (bad dog haha) and not eating the crunchy makes me wonder. Worth getting checked out. My boss' lab moans all the time. She just lays and moans. I thought there was something wrong with her and he said NO she's just "always" done that.

    - Guess who's office she doesn't DO it in NOW? - I got her a nice goose down bed, in a quiet place and she will lay down, and just sleep when she comes in my office - no more moaning I won't allow it - it's annoying.

    Good luck
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE her name too - really pretty! Kenzie
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    I just read an article on how a "full moon" affects animals. Strange behavior. Kenzie stopped whinning today. Still quite clingy, but calmer. I have to investigate further.