New Header?


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Okay, this is cool! Who else is seeing the neat new header? Where did it come from? I like it a lot!



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ROFL, I was wondering if it was just me.LOL then I decided to come post about it -and there was already a post here, LOL.

I like it. I think first time I saw it the "sooft place to land" was under "conduct" and now "soft place to land" is on top of "conductdisorders" I like the cirle of kids, too.


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me too!! i was just about to post a thread when i found this one - that is really nice and i love the "soft place to land" - that is soooo true! Great job :bravo:



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I was just getting ready to post when I saw this post. I really like it. Very classy! Love the people circle....


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<font color="blue">just popped in for a few minutes & noticed it right away!!

how beautiful is that!! cheryl, you did a wonderful job. even jarrod was impressed ~~~ has done a lot of freelance graphics work.

the colors & shadings look fantastic. can't wait to see what's next.

kris </font>
Very creative and colorful - I really like it too!!! :smile: And, TM, it can be a circle of support with skydiving :warrior:s if you want it to be!!! It kind of puts an interesting twist on things... WFEN


I thought is was a circle fo support--but I like sky-diving :warrior: as an added thought.

Very nice colors, too



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Oh, good imagery, TM. I thought of it as a family hanging onto each other against all odds as everything starts to crash and burn. (Sound familiar, anybody?!?)

I like that sky diving imagery though, TM.

Sort of like a chain of warrior moms sky diving in to save the day for any of us who needs support.

:smile: :cool: :smirk: :mad: :grin: :shocked: :tongue:


:warrior: :warrior: :warrior:


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Wow, this is like a Rorschach test for CD members. Everyone sees something a little different.


I thought it was kids playing ring around the rosie.



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The sky diving imagery came to me, imediately too. I think it might have been because of the story in the news with the jealous lover killing the other skydiver.

On that happy note......


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How about the imagery of all of us bailing out at the same time?


With Raoul there to catch us!