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Well I pulled my difficult child (7) off of all medications (Adderall XR 20mg and Cyprophetdine ) due to failure to thrive, depression, emotional instability, tics, and a list of other things. Anyway, feeling like I have to do SOMETHING, I have started researching natural treatments and am feeling overwhelmed with information. My first step was to order Focus and Brite Spark...we'll see. Next I picked up some Vitamin B-12 complex today and found too much information on additive allergies. So I went to the grocery store and attempted to buy groceries. I was overwhelmed with how many of the only foods my child will eat are foods that he shouldn't eat. He's already so underweight...
So then after reading here I was convinced on the fish oil, so I ordered Eskimo Kid's fish Oil.

So my question is...What foods CAN he eat safely? I'm having the hardest time figuring out lunches to pack for him. The other difficult part is that we do not have a health food store as we live in Germany and are limited to the commissary (military). I'm sure there's something on the German side, but I can barely read the English labels!

So any packable lunch ideas? They can't be microwaveable and need to be simple and easy to eat.

I know wheat can be a trigger...but for now I don't have a choice, and unless I make my own the only one available has preservatives...sigh..I feel like it's a losing battle..


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First things first, you really want to find a practitioner to help. We can offer opinions and advice on what has or has not worked for us, but we are not qualified to give you any sort of medical advice.
There are several avenues to explore: including a homeopath, allergist, DAN! doctor, and dietician. But first, a detailed history (parent report) should be prepared so your practitioner will have an idea where to begin.
Now, what worked for us was to have extensive allergy testing done. My daughter is much improved with the use of desensitizing shots,a rotation diet and appropriate supplements (including fish oil and calcium). A book to check out would be Is This Your Child? by Doris Rapp.
Here's some info on a rotational diet through Great Smokies Diagnostic Labs. It's not the exact diet we follow, but is similar:
As for foods, we use whole foods as much as possible. "Hidden" ingredients in prepared foods seem to be a problem. So we cook from scratch. You need to read every label. Example: most 100% juices are in fact juice, but they are a blend of juices. Apple juice is often used as a base for other flavors. Also, do your best to avoid food coloring, many medications contain them. I always opt for dye-free when given the opportunity.
Good luck! Keep us updated.


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Mary, would you please keep us updated about the results your child gets from Focus and Brightspark? Our son is ADD-inattentive type. He has tried all of the Rx medications for this condition but had unacceptable side-effects like anger, depression and weight-loss. I have been very tempted to try Focus and/or Brightspark and I am very interested to hear about your experience.
It is very good to have professional guidance. My homeopathic physician has been an invaluable resource for me.
As far as diet, it is good to have the food as close to how it is when it comes out of the ground. Try to eliminate as many processed foods, dyes and additives. There are breads taht aren't made from wheat.
Getting out in Nature is also a big help.