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I am not sure how to do this all, but I could use some friends that understand ODD and ADHD in a great 8 year old. My every day friends struggle with this because I dont really understand it myself. I am in a relationship that is new, but now in question because I have not been able to assist my son with dealing with his behavior properly. this site has given me alot of help and I hope to get more from all you. Today my son's major issues are that he throws temper tantrums in public while spending time with my girlfriend and her children. this is not new for him. Her oldest daughter of two has serious issues with seizures, adhd, hearing issues and a small brain. She is raising this kids alone and is full emotinally and feels that she cannot take on more. I understand, but would like to give her some advice and hope that I can handle this so that we can work through all this as we are very compataable. Any assistance would be appreciated.



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Grab a copy of "The Explosive Child" by Ross Greene. It will help for both kids. It's a talisman for many of us on this site.

And stick around - that's the other thing that helps. We all help each other here.




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I sent you a private message on my experience with my ODD son. Hope you get it. If not, Ill send you one through here. Charlene