New horrible drug out there...AND...difficult child supreme x100

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Oh, no. What a terrible thing to happen. I don't understand why the people selling these things cannot be punished for creating a harmful thing.

There must be a manufacturer listed on the invoice the store received along with the shipment of whatever it is.

If there is no invoice, then the store owner should answer for that.

Nothing to do with whether the substance has been declared illegal. It is harmful.

That man bought the bath salts or whatever somewhere. He should receive damages from whoever made the substance.

I think he did not purchase and ingest it intending to be tasered twice and wake up in jail.

I hate to see the victims facing legal charges for faulty products the manufacturers should be fined for creating and distributing. If we really wanted to stop what is happening to our kids (and this person is someone's son), we would not be adding insult to injury by punishing them for their addictions while the manufacturers are allowed and even, encouraged to continue doing what they have always done.