New kitties


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We got our new 6 week old kittens Thursday. 3 of them, the whole litter-----------
they are SO precious. But, sadly one of them got sick, prolapsed rectum..........the one my easy child got. :-( SO now we have all these kitty medications and creams and are hand feeding it kitty formula. the other 2 are hysterically funny and we are enjoying them SO much!


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LOL, well, I cannot post pics from my webtv and I am computer illiterate and do not HAVE a computer........<giggle> (cannot afford one)
ANd even just visiting here, right now I hafta go to someone elses house to access the site. :-(
2 of the kitties are black, one is tiger gray. The one we had at vet today weighed just 1 pound. Gosh I forgot how tiny kittens can be! AND they have GROWN so much this week! LOL.

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Good luck with the lil sick kitty. I hope it does okay. They're such fragile lil things. Enjoy them. :smile:

Our female cat Shadow didn't have even one of hers survive. :frown: I think it messed her up inside too, cuz she hasn't been able to get pregnant since. (not that I'm complaining)


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Awwwwwwww how sweet. Enjoy! I do hope easy child's kitten get better will she need surgery? I sure hope not.

I went to visit my new kitten on Wed. but cannot take her home till she is 8 weeks old. It is state law here. She is only four weeks now so I have a month to go. I cannot wait though I miss having a cat around so much. -RM