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    The last Phsych visit we had Dr wanted to add Risperdal to 72 mg Concerta to curb the angere issues. I dunno how I feel about that.

    Should I try Vyvanse I have been told the rebound is not as severe. Also supposedly not too severe with Datrana. Any thoughts?

    A question about Risperdal, my son is VERY small and thin even though he eats like a full grown man. If it causes weight gain and allows the dosage of Concerta to be raised back to where he is attentive in school, what do you recommend? He seems to develop rebound after 2 years on any stimulant. We have been through them all now, except Vyvanse and Daytrana. Start over at Adderal and see if he still rebounds with it? Stay with Concerta? Try something totally new? Seeing Dr today.:confused:
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    Risperdal can cause weight gain, tremendous in some cases. It was 12 pounds in a month for my son.

    But how would that affect the Concerta dose? Concerta is dosed by clinical response, not by weight. Furthermore, 72 mg is the max dose of Concerta.
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    When difficult child 2 was on Risperdal and Concerta, the two balanced eachother out and he had a fairly normal appetite with no weight gain and no weight loss either.

    However, we had similar problems with the stimulants losing effectiveness over time and found he needed higher and higher doses to acheive the same effect. The reason it turns out is because he actually has a mood disorder with symptoms similar to ADHD. He can no longer tolerate any of the stimulant medications and is now on just Seroquel alone -- doing fairly well, in fact, the best in a long time.

    So I just want to throw the possibility out there that you may not just be dealing with ADHD.
  4. RhondaVoos

    RhondaVoos Rhonda

    I think you may be right, given our history, but we are trying Vyvanse. Pray for me, we are starting it tomorrow. I think i may have found a Dr that I love. He said to me that I sound like a pretty well informed Mom and asked me what I wanted to do. I told him I wanted to try a new medication and he discussed the various pros and cons of the ones we haven't tried yet. I told him what I had learned about them via feeback from this site, and shazam, out I went with a new scrip. Next appointment in 2 weeks to check progress. This is the first time I have had a Dr LISTEN to me and RESPECT my opinion and AKNOWLEDGE that I know my son best.
    It has been a good day!

    Wish me luck tomorrow, he said Vyvanse is slow to start, and mornings have always been a problem, so Maybe I will have a buddy for the morning coffee!​