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My 5 year old son was diagnosis'd with ODD, ADHD, and a developmental language disorder. He has been receiving svcs since the age of about 2 when his language development was just not happening. He had many many ear infections and tubes at 1 year, which didn't significantly improve the situation. He began receiving speech and behavioral therapy since he was also on the aggressive side. Hitting had become his way of making himself known in absence of speech. At 3 he entered into public school, make a long story short, he is "graduating" preschool, has been released from special education, speech and his IEP. His academics are totally on target, have never been a problem but his behavior still is. The doctor that diagnosis'd him concluded the initial visit by showing me pill sizes. Not happy with that, do not want to medicate my son. I know this is a very scattered post, it is my first and I am just at a loss, my son needs help and I feel like he is just being dropped. He doesn't do well in the big daycare settings but we need 2 incomes so he does go to daycare and does ok for a while but has been kicked out of one. He also just had a major episode at the current daycare and it is just all bringing things to a head for me. I feel like no one wants to help him because his diagnosis aren't "serious" enough. It seems as if, if these children aren't totally crashing, they are left hanging. Sorry again if this post is too rambling, and wasn't sure exactly which area to start in but I truly do not want to medicate my child.


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Hi there and welcome

There are some alternatives you can try...first off, Omega 3's 6's and 9's seem extremely effective. They are fish/flax and borage oils.

You can also look into doing the Feingold diet or a dairy/gluten free.

Have you tried finding a homeopath?

As far as daycare settings, perhaps you can find someone who does daycare from home? Make sure they are certified and have no more children then allowed by law. Perhaps in a smaller setting, he may do better.

Has he been evaluated for sensory issues? some of our little ones cannot handle all the stimulation around them in a large daycare.


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I live in a small town but there is a homeopath, or similar (not really sure what she is but she does treat with herbal/natural treatments, I am just having a hard time getting an appointment with her). The developmental pediatrician that he saw initially was "leaving asperger's on the table." I do think that there are possible sensory issues-is that diagnosis'd by an occupational therapist? I have had in home daycare for him but neither has been able to continue, not due to him but for issues with their own schedules. I am going to try contacting Boise State University to see if there are any college students in this area studying early childhood development that are looking for summer employment. It just really s*!ks getting lulled into this feeling that things are going well and then having it blow back up again. I should be so happy that he doesn't need to be in Special Education, or speech or have an IEP but the fact is that besides speech, I was not concerned with the other two in the way that I am concerned with his behavior, and coping skills. His frustration tolerance is barely above a zero I would say and his impulse control is about the same. When a strong emotion hits him, he is going to act on it, no holds barred. Ok, sorry, rambling again.

So these Omega's, do they come in kid friendly form, what is the best brand as far as correct absorption? I have looked at the Shakley line of products and have considered Goji juice also but it is all so overwhelming as to which would be the better choice. I guess I just have to get my feet wet somewhere and pick a starting point. I looked also at the gluten free info that I found in the various posts on this board. What is casein? Am I asking too many questions?


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Casein is any milk products. I use Animal Parade 3/6/9. My daughter likes them. They are strong lemon flavor. They are chewable caplets.

The sensory issues can be treated with occupational therapy. If he is going into kindegarten this Sept. you can have him evaluation'd through your school district. They can set up Occupational Therapist (OT) for him and speech.

You may want to pick up some highly suggested books, such as "The Out of Sync Child" and "The Explosive Child". These books will help you understand some of your child's behaviors and give you a few pointers on how to deal with it. If you go to Amazon through the site, you can get them there and by going through the site, the site makes a tiny profit, helping to maintain the site.

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"He doesn't do well in the big daycare settings but we need 2 incomes so he does go to daycare and does ok for a while but has been kicked out of one."

I have found that faith based daycares have a more tolerant view of difficult child's. Ours was in a Christian daycare from 2.5 yo through Kindergarten and although he was sent home a few times he never got "kicked out".

Welcome! You have found a safe place to land!