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My name is Rachel and my 7 year old son(youngest of 4 children[9 year old twin girls and 13 year old son]) has been diagnosed with conduct disorder. He has come a long way with the help of therapy every other week and medication (Abillify and Medadate). We still have the "black rages", destruction of property, self mutilation, and aggressive behavior towards others (especially his sisters and my mother), but only in moderation. I have been unable to hold down a job due because I am always "on call". My last job fired me because of having to take time off for therapy, dr. appointments, school conferences, having to go to to the school due to his behavior(stabbing student with a pencil, throwing rocks and hitting a boy in eye, throwing desks and chairs at teachers, hitting teachers, the list goes on and on), and his separation anxiety. He goes to a small school, so we (me and the school) don't feel that he should go to a "special" school, but he does have extra help everyday. My question is, in your opinion, do you feel that it would be worth it for me to apply for SSI? I am unfamiliar with all the terms. We do receive Medicaid (father is a deadbeat), but I have to live and I don't feel it's fair to my mother to have support our household. I would greatly appreciate any input.


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Hi Rachel & welcome. I'm not exactly an expert at social security so take what I say with a grain of salt. My understanding is that your son may qualify for SSDI but you wouldn't. You may, however, be his representative payee, which means his payments would be directed to you to cover his needs. You will be made to account for the money annually. Here's a link with some info:


Rachel, only someone who is disabled by social security definition qualifies to receive SSI. And if that person is a child the entire family's income and assets have to be below certain amounts. If it's a child the cash paid would be paid to a parent for the child's benefit. The complicating factor I see here is that you live rent-free with your mother. That could affect the amount you receive. In general, the amount paid to a child is something like $630/ mo.


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I get child support for my children and we receive Medicaid and FoodStamps. My mother has on file with DSS that my child support is rent and utilities, so I think Im covered on that. I have read some of the horror stories and I have some reservations. What all do I need? Trying to get his teacher to put ANYTHING in writing is impossible. She refuses to talk to his therapist even though there is a full release that I gave to her and is in his permanant file. When I do have a conference with her, she tells me that everything is fine, yet his behavior chart doesnt show that. She had the audacity to write in his report card that Heyward has trouble focusing and is easily distracted. DUH!!!! That's one of the reasons he's on medication. This woman last year almost destroyed my daughter's love of reading. There are times I just want to throttle her. I brought up my concerns to the principle at the begining of the school year and I was told she was a capable teacher. I have to strongly disagree on that. Also, on top of all this, I have found out that my neighbors 11 year old son was showing my son porn and paid him to touch another boys pee pee! Calgon take me away!!!