New tool for the toolbox: Adult Coloring Books


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Okay, this may sound kind of strange, but I received two adult coloring books for Christmas and...I love them!

They are billed as "calming, stress-relieving and meditative" for adults, and you know, I believe that is true.

I was so excited to receive both of them! I truly felt like a kid again.

More broadly, I do believe it's important to our recovery and our peace to constantly be on a search for tools to help us calm ourselves, settle our thinking, lower our blood pressure, minister to short, to do kind things for ourselves and to do things that we enjoy.

I also bought a new puzzle that I'm going to set up on a card table (so I can take forever to do it! lol), I got a new daily devotional book by Richard Rohr and I am working to up my exercise to five days a week.

These may be small, daily things, but I believe they are the pathway to changing the focus to US, instead of them, and letting other people go to live their lives as they wish.

My parents are aging (badly) and my brother is an active alcoholic, and I just visited them in Oklahoma for three days between Christmas and New Year's. The visit went great, even though everywhere you look in their home, their is stress, anxiety, dysfunction. I was able to let it all go, enjoy them, and whatever stresses I felt I let roll off my back. We can't fix other people. We can't fix anybody but ourselves, and that is a full time job.

May we all continue to seek the tools we need to focus on US! Happy New Year to all of you Warrior Parents! You are the best.

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I have seen them advertised and have been wanting to get one.

Thanks for sharing!!


New Leaf

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Love it COM, I gave one to a friend at work. I think I will get myself a paisley one, when I don't have the energy flow to draw, I can color. Thank you COM, good thoughts about focus through creative tasks.
Mahalo nui


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My daughter really wanted one of those and I wish I got it for her for Christmas but I think I will still grab one for her next time I am out..they look awesome! I love to color but my grandson likes to dictate what I color these days lol...


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I hope you're keeping in the lines COM.

My son had strong negative views about 'colouring in', even as a young child. He viewed it as being all about conformity, although he couldn't vocalise that as such at that age. He wanted to draw his own pictures.

Your post made me remember that.

I think as adults though it can be therapeutic to be constrained by some else's drawing and by having to keep in the lines.

Maybe it's a matter of personality, as my daughters were quite happy to do colouring-in.

Interesting ...
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one day at a time
Nlj...funny about those lines. At first when I started coloring a picture, I would fill in each box/area with one color. Now I am shading and going outside the lines in some cases...taking a few more risks. It looks better.

Like you said...interesting.

I hope you are well my friend.


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I hope you are well my friend.

I'm well thanks.

We met up with my son and his girlfriend and dog at the beach over Christmas. The wind was howling and it was freezing cold. We hugged and smiled. It was a really nice day.

I hope you are well too.



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I LOVE my adult coloring book! I start my mornings with 15 minutes of peaceful music and coloring. It's a very meditative and relaxing way to ease into the day.

NLJ, good to "see" you. Your Christmas sounds wonderful.

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This brings back memories of coloring with my daughter, one evening when husband was out with son (Difficult Child). She was maybe 6 or 7. Very peaceful and relaxing. I can relate to this....


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My problem is that once I start I can't seem to stop, I want to finish the entire picture! Must be that addictive gene I passed down to my son... It really is great fun, so relaxing.