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I'm new here so don't know all the jargon. Just looking for somewhere or someone with some helpful advice. Our son has been diagnosed with ODD and ADHD. He is 11 years old and is pretty good most of the time. I'm sure many of you know how this goes. Anyway, I was called by his teacher again today saying he was having more anger issues. We send him to a parochial school and they are not equipped to deal with a child with these issues. The principal, who has been there for like 35 years has said he has not had another child like my son. The principal says that he can't figure out a way to reason with him when he is angry. I really don't want to take him out of this school, since they do provide a fantastic education, but I'm starting to think he needs a little more specialized attention. He is on Adderal (sp?)for his ADHD. This seems to be working, but the ODD thing....does anybody have any advice. He is seeing a counselor every other week now. He seemed to make some big improvements for about a month, but now he seems to be going backwards a little.


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Welcome aboard. Glad you found us. Sorry you needed to.

I'm at work and don't have much time but want to say Hi and also
ask how long he has been taking Adderal. Some kids do very well
on that stimulant but mine developed anger issues solely because
of that medication. Concerta has been "the answer" for our family..but
some CD Family members have not been happy with it.

Darn this stuff is confusing! Hang in there as I'm sure others
will pop in soon. Sending hugs your way. DDD


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He's been on Adderal for about a month and a half. It seems to really be helping with the ADHD...grades are up, focus is better. The anger issues were present prior to the Adderal. Thanks for the welcome!


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Who diagnosed him? Has he had a full evaluation by a child psychiatrist? If not, you may want to further look into that. Many times, children are misdiagnosed as having adhd when they are bipolar. Sometimes it's a combination of both. Perhaps it's a mood disorder.


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How long ago was he diagnosed? Often the first diagnosis turns out to be incorrect. If he has such bad anger issues that the school is upset, he may have something other than ADHD/ODD, maybe a mood disorder. My son's first diagnosis. was ADHD/ODD. I like NeuroPsychs for diagnosing. They do intensive testing. Adderrall made my normally docile son mean and aggressive, but all stims did, to a point.


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Keep an open mind re the diagnosis, but in the meantime - grab a copy of "The Explosive Child" by Ross Greene. You can also find some discussion on this (although mostly dealing with younger kids) on the Early Childhood forum. I actually grabbed a copy from my local library, rather than go out an buy a copy - I wanted to read it first, before I bought yet another book.

The book isn't a cure for ODD, but it can help you see the wood for the trees and find a way through to reduce the problems and help your son. It would also help to ask the school to either read the book, or read a review of it, because if they're using the same method of handling him, they WILL find a way to talk to him without the anger being so much in the way.

Changing schools isn't always the answer - sometimes you have to bring about the change within the same school, if this is possible. You also need to change yourselves, in order to help the child change his behaviours.

He's a child - and a child with problems. Why do we so often assume that the child is the one who has to adapt, when we as adults are supposed to be wiser?

Welcome, McDuff. Help is at hand.


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Welcome Mcduff,

What exactly do they mean by anger issues? Is it with other kids, staff? What has the principal tried? These are some questions I would want answered. Are there tips you can give them that have worked for you? Getting a copy of The Explosive Child is a good idea and also has some good advice for schools if they are willing to listen.

Glad you found us-you will find much support here.