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    Hi im new here so thought i would introduce myself...Lets start my name is Clarissa, Im 21 years old happily married and have been since i was 18, both me and my husband together have 2 boys one aged 3 and a half and the other 9month...

    Am in need of some advice sometimes as you do..So thought i would join a group like this so hopefully i can be helped and hopefully help people in return...Plus think i could do with some friends lol...

    Thanks Anyway..xx :))
  2. TeDo

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    What kinds of behavior issues are you having with your kid(s)? We'll help if we can.
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    Hi Clarissa... WELCOME!

    So what's up??? How are your babies doing?
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    Hey girly,

    Im Kelly 29 and I too had my children at 18. Both of my girls was premies and sexually abused by their father. My oldes difficult child has ptsd adhd and a low iq. My middle difficult child is a gifted student and suffers from ptsd also. I have a 3 yr old son and he was a premie also but shows no delays in anything.

    Welcome to our group these ladies have changed my life in many ways.

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    Tell us about yourself. Create a profile so that folks like me can remember things better. :)