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    My daughter is 17 years old she is bipolar unspecified and adhd. She has become a ward of the court as of her last court date 7/7/12. She has runaway for a month at a time (12/11), been arrested for stealing (9/11). At her final court date she had 5 charges against her. She plead guilty to 1 charge. She is now on formal probation and a "ward of the court". What does that mean? She is now in a mental health hospital for trying to hurt herself. Does this mean I have no authority on when she can be released from the hospital? She was being held on a 5150, as of yesterday its a 5250 i did sign a volontary hold form but I now think that was a mistake. Im confused and afraid that I no longer have a say in her day to day health and care. Any advise or knowledge would greatly appreciated.
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    In your state is she still considered a minor? If so, under JJS or court system for juveniles, you have all the same rights. Many agencies will try to tell you otherwise.(DCFS custody is different and angencies cant get it right). She should also have a court worker-like a PO who is mandated to work with you and consult on all these issues. Find out who it is. This person may not know you care so much-many of these kids have parents who are out there and don't even show up for court. Call the court house and get the info you need-name of worker etc. I do not know the numbers you have eluded to, but my daughter was committed while in JJS custody and I had to sign all the forms. My insurance was paying first, and that is my right. I called the psychiatric on duty daily, and my daughter was able to call me. Where will she go after this? I would want a say in thyis. We worked with the JJS worker and asked the judge for the treatment my daughter needed. We ended up with a great relationship with this worker and she was a person who really listened to us and cared (We had educated ourselves before we got into the JJS system), we actually filed the charges and asked for their help.
    Also call NAMI ASAP! They have advocates that know the system. I had a parent advocate that came to every hearing and meeting-I could not have done it without her. Others will be along-please keep us posted. ((Hugs))