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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by busydebs, May 11, 2008.

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    hi there my names debs and im a single mum of 5 kids, one of which is why im ere. my 16yr old has recently been diagnosed with psychotic depression/schizophrenia/mild autism. he is on respiridone for the schizophrenia an was on lorazepam becos he gets aggressive and hits n kicks out , that was until friday just passed. he collapsed at his special school ( i say due to heat n him not sleepin well ) but hospital has stopped his lorazepam. i am now walkin on egg shells not knowing when im gonna get punched n kicked again and my other kids r too scared to go near him. :sad-very: why is it such a struggle to get the right help for such a troubled young lad. even his early intervention psychosis councellor is struggling hmmm hell looks close right nowwwww :sad-very:
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    I have no advise..just wanted to say Welcome and let you know that you have found a safe place to land.

    I am sure others will come along with better advice.
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    BusyDebs - this is BusyWend - nice to meet you!

    I think violence is a line in the sand. It is something I will not allow in my house. My difficult child abused me in many ways verbally and emotionally. When it became physical I took action fast. No way, no how was I going to allow my daughter to harm me.

    The reason is because I knew she would always know she harmed me. If she caused me tears and stressful nights - she probably did not know the extent. But, if she had to live the rest of her life knowing she harmed me - perhaps scarred me for life - I could not allow her to have to live with that forever.

    Your son is a serious threat to you and your other children. It is just not fair. I know it hurts your mommy heart to have to do something drastic like a different residential setting for your son, but it will hurt your mommy heart more if he ends up hurting you or one of your other children.

    What kind of professionals are working with you?
    The hospital thought the medications made him pass out? Why? Did they consult with the prescribing doctor?
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    What country do you live in? I'd say that is important as to where or how you can get help. I'm surprised they blamed the lorazapen on your son's reaction and not the Risperdal or another more potent drug. Although it's not fun to be hit or kicked and many here draw a line in the sand at violence, if your son has psychotic schizophrenia, he is a VERY sick young man and maybe is unable to control himself (or maybe he sees you as a threat sometimes). Is there anywhere he could live that takes care of mentally ill teens? I wouldn't punish him--I would try to find a suitable place for him to live. If this child ends up in jail, he'll get no help at all...
    Welcome to the board!
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    Sorry for what you are going through. It is possible to find other medications to help control his violent oubursts. A through medical evaluation should first be given. Is it possible to take him to the hospital and ask for a mental helth evaluation? Given the diagnosis he may be in need of a short hospitalization to get his medication regualted.

    Welcome to board, please keep us updated on your sons condition and how you are doing.
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    hi there me again, he has his psychiatrist at cahms ere in hampshire uk , a psychosis councellor who sees him at home once a week. the hospital didnt contact cahms when they took son off his lorazepam and didn bother to suggest sumthing else. they ruled out his respiridone for the collapse cos he has bin taking that for a while, so they blamed the lorzepam. i have asked for respite but they say he can be treated better by staying at home . the police have helped a little by flagging this address..police have to attend within 2 mins of my emergency call and have put mental health problems next to sons name. they wont arrest him tho if he duz wrong, he goes to local psyche hospital till he ha camddown then sent home. dunno who more crazy