Newest medication for husband

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    drum rollllll......wil be Adderrall. Yeah. Let's hope it works for him better than difficult child.

    husband has been sleeping 12 to 15hrs a day. Not really depressed, and once he is up he is not groggy or sleepy. But he cannot even take his medication that he is supposed to take 3x/day because he is not awake for long enough. psychiatrist is hoping that if husband takes Adderall before bed he will not sleep at all, and then he is supposed to take it when he wakes up too. I am really really leary of this. I do not think husband is stable, and I think this is a bad time to add a stimulant.

    At the same time I have to be careful how much I voice my opinion to husband as he will listen and I do not want to second guess this doctor to husband, I only do that here on the board. I really do think psychiatrist overall does a good job with husband, and I know that husband trusts him and will talk to him. He also listens to me when I have gone to appts with husband, and when I don't go I send along a little written report that husband and I do up. I also have checked up on this doctor with various friends that work in the local psychiatric unit, and everyone loves him and thinks he is great.

    I guess we will wait and see. I just so hate this **** shoot of trying to find the right medications.
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    What medications is husband on besides this new adderall? I dont sleep quite 12 hours but sometimes it can be close. I get to sleep at 11 or 12 and sleep to at least 9...sometimes 10 if I can...if no one wakes me. I normally wake up around 6 or 7 to go pee but I am not awake enough to actually get up so I go back to bed.

    I take lamictal, topamax, seroquel, klonopin, ambien, neurontin at night.
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    husband takes 1800mg Neurontin 2x/day, 1mg klonopin 2x per day. At bedtime he takes flexoril (I think 10mg), 200mg celebrex, niaspan(I think 50mg), 200mg tegretol xr (yes this causes sedation, but it has been working!), and multiple supplements/vitamins. He takes the flexoril sometimes during the day and it never causes drowsiness. Neither do the neurontin or klonopin. He can take up to 6 percocet 5/325's a day and many times does. They act the opposite on him and make him talkative and hyper. He has various other nsaid creams/patches to use prn for pain.

    He will start the Adderall tonight.

    Before he was on medications he would sleep for 10 -12hrs. He would fall asleep at 4am and get up about 2 to 4pm. Now he goes to bed with me at 9:30 or 10 and falls asleep at 11 or so, and wakes up at noon or 1pm.

    I really don't know how he can keep trying medications. I told him last night that if I was in his place I would have given up a long time ago. He said he has to continue to try for his family, he wants to have a family life and with his sleep pattern the way it is he does not.

    The only medications that seemed to really help were Geodon and Abilify. They are not options anymore as Geodon caused Tardive and Abilify worsened it once the dose got high enough. He has tried Trileptal, Seroquel,Lithium,Lamictal,Depakot,Ritalin and I am not sure if I have forgotten any. The side effects were all horrible.

    I feel bad for getting frustrated as he has to be so much more than I, but it is so hard to watch. He is sleeping his day away. We don't care if he does not get up untill 9 or 10, heck that would be awesome. He is such a grumpy mean bear to wake up. Once he is awake he will be singing in the shower. It is nuts.
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    I am utterly amazed he can take that amount of neurontin and not be lethargic! Twice a day? Omg...I would be comatose. I just restarted mine and was sleepy as all get out on 300mgs at night. I was supposed to add another 300 in the morning and couldnt get out of bed when I did so I took it at night. It made me sleep till noon. I kept at it for a few nights over a weekend so I didnt have to be up because Tony was home and I finally can get back up by 9 or10 without feeling like poo. Im still tired but it isnt horrible. Im supposed to get to 900 but I will never get there.

    Klonopin does make me a bit relaxed but not tired. I dont get sleepy but I get less anxious and irritable on it. I guess that is what it is supposed to

    I dont take percocet but I take lorcet 7.5/325. Same basic thing but mine have hydrocodone and percocet have oxycodone in them. I like the hydrocodone better for pain. I could have either but the hydro just works better for me. Just my body chemistry. I used to be on perc's but asked to go to hydro. I can take up to 3 a day. They do the same thing to me as they do to your husband. I either get more energy or I feel nothing but relief from the pain. Mostly it is just relief from the pain.

    As for why or how do we keep trying things? for me? I keep hoping there is that magic pill or treatment out there that is going to make something better. If I can get just one part of me to feel somewhat better then maybe the other things wont be as bad. Right now I am trying to see if I can get back in to the ortho doctor to get the synvisc one shot in my knees again. Last time the synvisc shots were a series of 5 shots and now they have come out with a new one that is just one shot. I had the 5 shot series twice. One shot would be so much easier.