No divorce due to lack of computer time.


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So, the difficult children and me were driving in the car last coming home from Pizza Hut (Friday night dinner!). Somehow the subject of my marriage became the topic of conversation. Son, for the last couple of years, will come up to me and say, “Mom, Dad doesn’t love you anymore and he’s got a girlfriend”. He did it again last night in the car.

No, husband doesn’t have a girlfriend. Good grief! I keep the man running in circles enough as it is! :princess:

Anyway, my usually response is, “Oh yeah, uh huh, that’s nice”.

However, this time, Daughter asks son, “If Mom and Dad divorce, who would you want to live with?” Then she answers her own question by saying, “I would want to live with Dad”. Son agrees with, “Oh, yeah, totally”.

Now, husband is gone a lot working. So, I’m sure the lack of supervision is very appealing to them both. Plus, it is well known that husband is more willing to say “yes” when either one of them is requesting some gadget, or piece of junk, that they claim that cannot live without. Believe me, I get it.

( I also get the credit card bills, but that's another topic)

So, me, and my snide sense of humor, can’t resist and I retort, “ You mean all I have to do is divorce your Dad and break up the family to get rid of you both??” :devil:



Then Daughter reconsiders, “If I lived with just Dad I wouldn’t be able to go on the computer (a major issue at our house with husband wanting to chuck the computer most of the time due to Daughter’s life revolving around it)”.

So, I guess I’m stuck.
:hammer: :rofl:


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Mine (especially difficult child)would want to live with me as husband does not like to cook, and difficult child wants to eat. I hate to cook, but do it. difficult child would not want to make his own food.


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The running joke in our house when the kids were growing up was whoever left had to take the It kept both of us in the house because neither of us wanted to be a single parent to those boys!

When they were preteens Im betting they would have wanted to stay with me but when they were teens they would have picked their dad. They had more in common by then with him. They liked the same hobbies and such. I am just so not into hunting and