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    GOOD TO SEE YOU!!!!!!!! HUGE HUGS!!!!!

    Hugs and Love
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    Hi! How sweet of you Star! I graduated in August from grad school. AFterward, husband and I splurged and went on a cruise to Europe. It was a big anniversary for the two of us, a big birthday for husband and my graduation. We just could not resist. Of course, now we are concerned about bills. I am working part time in the field (mental health) but pay is..... Even though I have graduated, I have to work 1500 hours under supervision now to get my license. I am thinking of getting a coaching certificate (have found a course that I am interested in) and am starting to write..considering blogging. As I have focused on myself and my own desires for a career, etc, I have been much healthier and happier. It is a dream of mine to help parents like "us."
    by the way, I have lost weight and am very near goal weight! Yippee!!! Thank you for all your help with that. I have discovered that carbs are NOT my friend and am eating a lot of veggies and lean meat...that is my diet in a nutshell.
    difficult child was doing well, but the last week or two haven't been so hot. In fact, just a few days ago she was missing for two days and it was REALLY hard to go to work and not reveal how deeply stressed I was about it all. I have mixed feelings about if I want to intervene. Our policy has been for the most part to stay out of her way, with the exception of some medical care and some minimal help with food and hygenic supplies. However, if she asks for mental health assistance...I would pay for it. She has not asked.
    Please give an update yourself!!!! ((((Hugs))))
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    Star* call 911

    NOMAD - you awesome woman you! Congratulations on your GRADUATION! WOW! How wonderful that you are going to continue to help parents like us! Incredible - I think some days I'm so glad to be done with it all - and then find myself still offering help - but not on an 8-5 basis - so my hat is off to you! I am so tickled to hear of your life, progress and a trip to Europe! UNREAL! (insert very happy for you face) I've never gotten to travel - always wanted to. I love my computer for that. Yesterday I went to Lesotho in the Republic of Africa. lol. I love languages and was helping Donna with Xosha (clicking language) they speak that there. I'm not fluent - just picked up a few words from people in and out of Columbia.

    Okay me? I lost my job (found out it was because I was heavy) he replaced me with a younger model. Oh will he be sorry some day. lol. He's had 4 girls quit since "letting me go due to budget cuts". What a slob- Thin, young, blonde - does not stack up against - will work for you 7 days a week, never calls in sick, is not interested in you romantically - and can not only run your office, but operates a forklift - duh. Oh and I'm no threat to your wife with 2 children. Plus I clean. duh, duh, duh. Oh and did I mention not had a raise in 3 years, and not bonus when the men got one? Yeah - go sit on your hat. Anyway - Since then? I've lost 140 lbs. Enrolled in Trucking school to get my CDL, graduated, and am currently looking for a job where I can have a job doing that. I'm also taking work-keys classes to improve my skills because I took the initial tests and scored lower than I thought I should - so I'm brushing up. 30 years out of school is too long and I'm rusty.

    I'm also trying to get my house ready to sell - Not going to spend another summer in 100 degree heat - but being unemployed has put a damper on that. Dude left to go live with my x - and that's been a real eye opener for him. In the last 8 months? I've gotten more respect, phone calls and love over the phone than I have in the last 15 years. He's been homeless, starving, and managed to NOT beg for a dime until just the last little bit. We didn't offer either. (detachment 101 yeah). It wasn't easy. Df broke down before I did about sending money for food and we only sent it once then encouraged him to either go for foodstamps and a job through unemployment which he will now do - or starve. He was even dumpster diving. We said - life is tough -it wasn't here. HE AGREED.. we said nothing of course on the phone but nearly passed out after that call.
    I bought a stolen car too - that's another story. (insert lollipop icon) so live and learn. My big dog ate a rubber duck - but at least it wasn't a cancerous tumor. also another long story. (temporary vets stink). Other than that? it's been finding the perfect job because this is hopefully going to be THE LAST move, the last career - and finding what on earth I'm here for. lol.

    Glad you popped in! I was so thrilled to hear about your weight loss! Carbs can be an evil thing. Glad you found something that worked for you! I bet you are SOoooooo HOT!

    Take care - Miss you!
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    Star...from one hot woman to another...hee hee....
    Ok, I eyes went cross and the fog rolled into my brain the second I read that you've lost 140 pounds! OMG!
    Did you take photos of the transformation? Are you getting at least kinda close to goal weight! Carbs are EVIL!
    A huge congratulations!

    Also congrats on taking the trucking class and other classes. Sounds like potential for a cooool job!

    Yep, surely Dude is getting a 'special education' living now with his Dad. Ahem.

    AND it sounds like your detaching skills are getting muy bueno.

    The thing with the car .... duck and dog sound 'far out." and learn! LOLOLOL!!!! Amen sister!!!!

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    Holy cow! This is the Major League Success Story thread.

    You GO, Star and Nomad!!!