For nearly 10 years my son has been on some kind of stimulant. Recently he began having trouble with elevated blood pressure and heart rate. In particular his heart rate. After going a few days without medications (Focalin) his level went down to normal so starting tomorrow he is on his own until we figure out an alternative.

He does take Intuniv but I personally have not noticed a decrease in hyperactivity or increased concentration. Anyone have experience with other non stimulants?

I've read a little on strattera but I'm not sure what his dr will say. Also he takes Depokate for mood and strattera lists mood swings as a side effect so that is a little concerning.


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Strattera was helpful for my daughter for about two years, but was a disaster for my hubby. He was diagnosis'd years earlier as unipolar depressive, and when he was first diagnosis'd with ADD (in his 40's), his dr tried Strattera first. OMG. His emotions were all over the map, even after I ramped up the dose to match his weight. We had a rough month, but I'd kept a spreadsheet of dosage and behaviors to show the dr. Handed it over, and told the dr I wanted him on Ritalin.


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I guess, as always, it comes down to the individual response of the individual child/person. Strattera did not work well, overall, for my son, increasing his volatility and aggression.