Nonverbal Learning Disorder (NLD)


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Fran, I'd be happy to share what I know, which isn't all that much yet.

NLD is Nonverbal Learning Disorder, & I think it's part of the Asperger's spectrum.

The biggest things for myself are the differences in written versus verbal things. For example, I love to do crafts, & am forever teaching myself new things, but, I tend to give up on them if someone isn't available to show me how it's done. I can read & comprehend the directions, yet I'm not able to translate it into what I'm trying to achieve. However, if someone shows me how to do it, I can usually do it with a little practice.

This is something that drove my mother nuts, until I explained to her about the NLD, & why I always needed to have her show me how to do something.

I also had a terrible time in school, was called lazy & was told I was smart enough to do the work, I just wasn't trying. I sure didn't feel that way! It's a huge relief to know it's an acutal learning disability, considering I may be going back to school sometime soon.

Another issue for me is being able to "read" facial & body expressions. Those of us with NLD cannot, or don't always properly interpret them.

The doctor told me my verbal scores were much higher than my other scores, & said this tends to be the case with people with NLD. From what I've read, a child with NLD relies on verbal information for 80 to 90 percent of what they need to go through life on a daily basis. They tend to be much more talkative, in order to get & process information they need.

I apparently am able to compensate for the NLD to some extent because of my verbal capabilities.

I haven't received the written report yet, but, if there is more that I can share, I'll be happy to.

I hope this is helpful to some other board members.



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Thanks so much, Mary.
My difficult child has much the same issues.
It helps to hear an adult to articulate what they are living with.

How many of us have told our kids that "they can do it, if they tried" :frown: Just as you were told.

difficult child, has the same issue with a huge difference between verbal and performance scores.

Thanks for the info. Good luck to you. (there are links on nld on our links page-if you need them)


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thanks mary.. my son has NonVerbal Learning Disorder (NVLD) as well. im wondering about the behaviours you were talking about in your other son also has the same issues with art at school. he really doesnt like it becasue to him it seems senseless...he needs things broken down step by step and he needs to see the finished product. do you you get lost alot or have accidents...our psychiatrist told me of a lady who looked left then right and turned into an oncoming car forgetting it was coming the first way she looked...i have heard this can be a problem due to visual memory problems. some people have face blindness, a hard time remembering faces...adam thinks he knows people all the time and it isnt them...what kind of work do you find you do well at... are relationships difficult...if you dont mind sharing. my son has huge problems with interpreting others intentions and is so easily aggitated and blows everything so out of perportion. sorry you had to go through school without knowing...we know and still run across teachers who say the same thing -unmotivated, lazy, etc...its so frustrating for adam...hes very verbal as well. thx sonja