Normal Problems?! FINALLY!!!!!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by neednewtechnique, Apr 30, 2007.

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    Do you ever think that we get so caught up in our children's "difficult child-ness" :hypnosis: that we forget what it is like to handle "normal, age-appropriate" misbehaviors?!?! Most parents DREAD their children's "tween" and teen years as they are afraid of the attitude and the stunts their children will try to pull that are generally very normal, testing the waters type of things. We have had such a nightmare the last few months dealing with our daughter's difficult child-ness that I think we JUST had our difficult child's only SECOND "normal" problem since she moved here. The first one occurred a couple months ago and we were still so wrapped up in the difficult child-ness that we didn't even really notice, but this time something was different and it got me thinking. FINALLY a NORMAL TEENAGER PROBLEM!!!! To most parents, this would be a big disappointment, but to me it SCREAMS PROGRESS!!! :thumbsup: Mostly the part that SHOCKS me into TOTAL JOY the most is that we got through it without our difficult child having a meltdown and she was appropriately reprimanded, and even thought nice enough after we were done with our talk to apologize to me for sneaking around and lying to me. Again, PROGRESS!!!

    Sorry, this is just me thinking out loud and trying to be "intellectual" or something..... :smile:
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    I have been trying to decipher the normal age behavior and gfgness. I think I have both. I KNOW I have both.
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    "Do you ever think that we get so caught up in our children's "difficult child-ness" that we forget what it is like to handle "normal, age-appropriate" misbehaviors?!?!"


    What's normal?

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    Every now and then husband and i will look at each other and say-o.k. he's just being a typical 9 year old. I remember easy child being so mad about something and complaining and we looked at her with a smile and said that he was just being a normal 9 year old boy (we don't get to say that often)!
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    It's so difficult to get out of the difficult child mode - you know, constant ups & downs, crisis's & defiance.

    When kt & wm do something that is out of the ordinary (for them) I sit back & tell myself that's just being a kid. Not a mentally/emotionally ill child - just a kid. I love those moments.

    Never forget "normal is just a setting on the dryer".
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    "Normal" LOL...that brings me back to the multitude of forms I've filled out for all of the dr's and hospitals when they ask you to compare your difficult child to "average" children of that age...I keep telling them, I don't know what "AVERAGE" is...I live in GFGworld! LOL You show me "average" and I'll tell you if my difficult child is it or not. But, don't expect me to know off of the top of my head if my square peg fits into that round hole! :p

    Yeah...what I wouldn't give for "normal" problems! LOL
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    Oh yes, definitely. Luckily, difficult child comes up with-some very funny, age appropriate, if gross boy things so it's easy to see. He just got a "cup" for his baseball pants and he's shown it to everyone at home. (Honest to d*G, when he said he had a new baseball cup, I went through the cupboard looking for a new Yankees mug! He fell on the floor laughing.) He especially likes to bug easy child with-it... she shrieks and yells "EW!" which he loves. Then he puts in on and raps it with-his knuckles until we're all insane.
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    I'm fortunate that Duckie teeters between difficult child & easy child, meaning that she has many normal issues, as well as some gfgish ones. I'm thankful that she's improved so much, but also emotionally drained from being hyper vigilant all the time. I find myself constantly questioning if a problem is a normal issue or gfgness about to re-emerge.
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    I used to enjoy those moments, believe it or not.
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    lol, your post made me laugh. It is hard to decipher these kinds of things.