NOT dizzy? what does this mean?


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So, my son's great-aunt is an occupational therapist. She decided to do tests at her house on my difficult child and 3 other children that were there. 2 kids were 8 (1 being my difficult child), 1 was 9 and 1 was 10 (the only girl).

So the test was, each child sat on a frisbee-type swing, on a string. They were spun around for 30 sec to a min or so and were told to walk a straight line when they got off. 1 by one, each child stood up and looked like they just stepped out of the local pub, stumbling, some falling... except my difficult child. He got off, absolutely no probem. So, they did the test with him, again, this time lengthening the spinning time to about 2-3 minutes. Same thing. He got off just as easily as he had gotten on and walked a perfect line.

What does this mean???


Here we go again!
While I don't know what it means, it made me think of my difficult child 2 who spent most of the evening sitting on a computing chair spinning in circles while watching TV. I KNOW he has sensory issues, and they are oh-so glaring since he's off stims right now...

Did you try an internet search? What did the great-aunt have to say about it?


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The great aunt mentioned something about "vestibular issues". I guess there could be a lot associated with this so... One more question for the doctor, I suppose. :p


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The "Vestibular System" is related to Sensory Integration Disorder. If you have a chance, click on the site Sara noted. In kids that have sensory issues, these are the types of activities they choose and seek this type of stimulation.

My youngest has sensory issues and loves to spin, swing, get swaddled like a newborn,and rocked. But cannot tolerate other types of interventions.