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    Tomorrow is our first family session at the PCR. Well actually it will just be me and difficult child because they feel that's where the most work needs to be done. I took off from work for this but I know it will be a waste of time. I called today to confirm and they were like yes difficult child is looking so forward to it!!! That's BS. What he's looking forward to is trying to talk me into taking him out after the session. I may take him to get a bite to eat but that's it! Not going shopping, not going to GAMESTOP, not going anywhere but to the sandwich shop right down the street. If that's not good enough oh well!

    I was supposed to go see him last weekend but wound up with a nasty stomach flu which lasted from Friday until Monday. I was so so sick! He was mostly nice about it which surprised me until I found out why he was being so nice. His reasoning was that he wasn't upset because he had things to do and places to go with the PCR so it didn't really matter if I came or not. Gee thanks!

    So to sum it up I'm not looking forward to tomorrow at all. It's going to be the same old BS. He doesn't want to talk about his feelings and wants me to do all the work. He thinks I owe him an apology and that he's done nothing wrong! Wait until he finds out that we are not bringing him home overnight for Christmas. Not sure how that's gonna go but I can't imagine he will be too happy about it. He hasn't set foot in this house since he threatened to kill me several times over the summer and we are still not comfortable with him being in the house while we sleep. We had him at my in-laws for Thanksgiving but he tried to steal his brother's video game so he's still up to his same old tricks. I refuse to let Christmas be ruined with drama so we will pick him up early Christmas morning, come here and do breakfast and presents, and then go to my aunt's for dinner. After that he will go back to the PCR but he won't care at that point because he will have gotten his presents and won't need us anymore. It's so one sided with him. He thinks we owe him and that he's entitled to whatever he wants! Maybe we will talk about THAT during FT tomorrow!!!
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    I hope that it goes alright.
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    Thinking of you - family therapy was never a whole bunch of fun because it seemed to focus on husband/me, rather than difficult child. If you can, and I know it's hard, when difficult child starts in with the "if you'd only...." or "if you hadn't....", turn it around so that the focus is on difficult child's choices/feelings/actions, rather than your own. Especially at 17... time for difficult child to start owning his own junk rather than placing blame and throwing up smoke screens to distract from his own behaviors.

    Fingers majorly crossed that therapist will help you to keep focus on difficult child and *his* junk.

    Hang in there - thinking of you.
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    Thinking of you......