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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by compassion, Dec 10, 2008.

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    difficult child (15) was resisting the healthy stuff yesterday (AA, art, lots of exercise, music) She wanted to go to a movie, shop, hang. She is so incredibly impulsive that if I was not following her around and then got her out of the house, she would have been at Johns (22, uses substances there) Ireally, really did not want to go out yeaterday. However, she was heading out he back door: she had to hav esitmulatin NOW. So, we ended up at Superwalmart and we got stuff for her upcoming ski trip and did a bit of shopping, got her dome dinner at Mac's and then took her to her friend overnight.
    I am having my son, 18 keep her out this moring and early afternoon so I can get come needed space. I will do an AA meeting with her, take her to youth gorup and then have her spend the night and tomorrow with her friend.

    Growth for me was not pushing the healthly stuff on her as I saw she would not do it. I also took her out when I did not want to. I am trying to make it up to myself today: I wil read, get on boards, relax, nap, and journal. I am going to a f2f Al-Anon meeting tonight. I am accepting that I need t keep stuff very basic right now. Compassion
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    Compasssion, great idea to keep it to a minimum today. I know the feeling!
    I'm glad you can do that.
    I know that although you are tired, you are proud of yourself (or at least should be, for you are very responsible) for keeping your daughter away from John's (a friend?) or where ever she should not be. It is a lot of work!!!!

    What is the f2f part of Al-Anon? Friend to friend? Face to face?
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    F2F means to me, face to face meeting. I do a lot of online meetings (mailing lists). I have been on Awakenings (foucs on steps 3 and 11) and T-Step (every step is the focus for 2 weeks except step 4 is 4 weeks) for years. I love goign to f2f meetings where I can get actual hugs and see some people face to face. Often, I am too exhausted but am really trying to do that tonight.
    Thanks so much for the support!!! Yeh, John is the last place she ran to, got drunk and high. He is 22. It does take a lot of work and energy. I am able to relax more than I have in awhile. Compassion
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    Hugs to you for taking care of yourself today.:smug:

    One day at a time.