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<span style="color: #6600CC"><span style='font-family: Comic Sans MS'><span style='font-size: 11pt'>where to post this, it's kinda difficult child related but more of an update to the JKS household.

Aly (difficult child) is doing really well. She spent the weekend at "Auntie's" house and got to ride her precious horse (not really hers, but she sure does love her). Aly always comes home from there centered/grounded, however you want to put it. She is in a really good place.

Got an abreviated version of Jayme's Echocardiogram results: Normal. But pediatrician wants to see her next Monday to look into what to do next. She is still having blue lips and lots of other stuff pediatrician wants to keep a close eye on. pediatrician mentioned possibly putting Jayme on a 24 hour monitor, a halter monitor I think it is called. This will record her oxygen levels as well as heart rhythms, etc. I cannot imagine a 3 yo keeping the sticky pad thingys on for 24 hours!! She is still showing some minor signs of Autism, but if so, very high functioning. pediatrician mentioned a possible referral to the M.I.N.D. Institute or back to Shriners. We shall see.

As far as husband and I go, things are going better. We are communicating better and are much happier with each other. We just got recertified to be foster parents, just waiting for our first phone call. This agency offers so much more support than the idiots we were working with before. We will be taking ages 0-8. We spent the weekend reorganizing the spare room, moving all my craft/card making stuff to the laundry room where I have wanted it all along. Got a used set of bunk beds for dirt cheap and they are really cool. We have them set up as separate twin beds and they have end units that are also desks, hard to explain but they are awesome. Now Aly is whining that she wants that room! LOL!!

I am on a mission to lose enough weight to fit into these awesome jean shorts I bought, 2 sizes smaller than my usual size. And...I am nearly there! I was able to pull them on today, but buttoning them was NOT happening, LOL! But just knowing they are in there and the weather is warm and I REALLY want to fit into them helps me stick to my diet/exercise program. I am no skinny minny, and never will be again, but if I can look and feel good about what I am wearing, I will be thrilled! Doesn't help to have a hubby that can eat anything and not gain an ounce! Errrr! LOL!

So, just an update on our family. How are all of yours doing?

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Sounds like a really nice update to me. I'm glad to hear Aly is doing well. I wonder if there is some type of Horse therapy around there? Or maybe some way you could set something like that up for her since she responds so well to it.

My neice who has many undiagnosed issues was helped this way. My brother took her riding one day with a friend. He saw the way it affected my neice and went out and bought her a horse. He does side work at a nearby stable for room and board for the horse and riding lessons for my neice. He's watched her behavior go from tazmanian she devil on steroids to a focused almost normal 8 yr old girl.

Congrats on the weight loss! You should be proud of yourself. :grin:



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<span style='font-family: Comic Sans MS'>Great to hear you have found horses for Aly's focus. Hope you can gain insights into why the blue lips for your little one.

Your weight loss is great and when you do it a little at a time there are better chances for the weight to stay off....good for you!

Sounds like good news all around with foster renewal...take care of yourself and family.</span>



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Great to hear that Aly is doing so well. I hope the docs can figure out what's going on with J. Good news about you and husband. Sounds like things are looking up.!!