Now it's Rowdy's Time


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Oh, Lisa, I'm so sorry. I'm glad you were able to keep him warm and by your side.
by the way, when he looked at something, that happens with humans, too. It's part of the process. Just so you know ...
I love the picture. What a sweetie.
Many hugs for you. I wish I could be there is person. My heart is breaking for you.

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Thanks guys. The hugs are appreciated.

This morning has been a bit tough. Had to call the vet to see how I go about making arrangements for a dog, a rather large dog at that. Then I had to contact the funeral home that does the cremations here. They'll pick Rowdy up this morning once they're finished with another call. She recognized the name of the they have Molly there too.

Molly and Rowdy were very very close all their lives. No two dogs got along better than those two, never a spat.....just did everything together. I remember Molly trying to get Rowdy to play with toys and Rowdy just staring at her like she was stupid. lol He liked to have a stuffy to snuggle........he didn't like tugging on his stuffy, he tried to make them last as long as possible. So instead they developed their own doggie games.......and of course playing with the squirrels who seemed to enjoy it as much as they did. Those two would wait for a squirrel who slipped and suddenly found itself in the yard right in harms way to get back up the tree or up onto the fence before the game resumed again. lol Funniest thing you ever saw.

Rowdy was a beauty, pure white thick lovely fur. Always a smile on his face, just like Molly. I used to have people come up and offer me money to adopt him all the time. Had one neighbor lady who was really in love with him. I think she used to come to our yard sales just so she could pet him. lol

His kennel looked like a cage to those who didn't know him. Trust me, it was no cage. If Rowdy didn't want to be inside it, it couldn't contain him. I was out tending tomatoes in the yard of the house we rented one evening when I suddenly heard the elderly neighbor lady screaming. Next thing I knew Rowdy was scaling his 6 foot kennel walls like a cat.....and he headed as fast as he could toward the screams with me on his heels. The elderly woman was being attacked by a feral cat she'd been attempting to care for.....a rather vicious attack........and Rowdy in a flash took care of that cat without even touching the woman. Then after a quick check of the neighbor he came to me to ask to be put back into his kennel. When I think back on that day.....well, it still amazes me and I saw the whole thing. But it proves beyond a doubt that no kennel, no fence, hell no lead could hold Rowdy if he wanted to roam.

After the truck hit us that day and I lay on the pavement not conscious, yet I had my own thoughts (don't ask me to explain this state because I lived it, I don't understand it) I remember thinking "Oh great, I'm going to die here in the middle of the street (not a fear of dying, a fact) and no one knows where I am. And on top of that I lost the kids dog." An odd thought, but that is what it was.....I was more concerned with Rowdy than myself at that moment. I had no pain, no fear of death. I had no way of knowing that Rowdy, who had also been hit, had ignored his own pain, terrified as he must have been, ran all the way home for help. He scratched, jumped, and barked at the door until Fred and the kids figured out something was terribly wrong because I wasn't with him and by the way he was acting. It was then Fred came looking for me........finding me surrounded by police, paramedics, the fire dept lying in the middle of the street several blocks away.

That cemented a stronger special bond between Rowdy and I. That accident affected him as much as it had me.... The corner where we were hit, well for years he refused to cross the street there with or without me, but he was adamant in his refusal to do so if I was the one walking him. We always had to walk a different direction. It was just this year, 9 yrs later that we both started crossing the street in that spot again.

As I think about both Molly and Rowdy's long lives I can't help but think each of them were meant to join our family to help watch over us. Both were very special in their own unique ways. They're together again on the other side. I guess I really shouldn't be so surprised after they'd spent a lifetime together.

On a side note, I found out last night from easy child that Cleo the eldest pup from the litter of Rowdy's with Precious (Betsy's sister) passed away recently at the age of 6. Her family had adored her and from their description sounds like she took after her daddy. They spent thousands of dollars trying to figure out the problem, which turned out to be a congenital heart defect that couldn't be treated. She passed away at home with her loving family peacefully.

The hardest part is with Maggie. She wasn't bad after losing Molly.........but losing Rowdy last night seems to have traumatized her a bit. She keeps searching for him, crying for him. She saw him cross the bridge, there really was no way for me to prevent that. She knows he's gone. It now has her searching for Molly too. It's just had to see her grieving so, it must be awful to lose both your siblings (and she idolized them both) in just a few days time. Hopefully Maggie can adjust to being the only dog. Although Bruce might not be able to adjust because she's more determined than ever that he IS going to play with her and all the scratches on the nose is not stopping her. Only place he can hide is in the bathroom which is off limits to her due to the litter box.


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Oh, Lisa! I'm so sorry. Our animals are members of our family. Losing two one after the other is horribly painful. Many hugs. I have felt protected just like you said. I still dream about my four goldens and they've been gone for years.


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Lisa, I am so so sorry about your Rowdy. Gosh, I feel so bad for you. keeping you in my prayers and sending hugs thru cyber space.


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Hound, I'm so very sorry. I'm sorry I was wrong on the depression idea as well but you know, in some way I think it's inter related just like human couples that die soon after one another, if not together often when they are truly bonded tightly as it seems Molly and Rowdy were. Especially after reading what you posted.

As for Maggie....I think it's like when your parents die....this is her reaction. She is nothing but a young child essentially trying to handle this.
Also, back in the beginning when you struggle about having her or not, well here is "the reason for the season" that she was so perfect at bad timing. YOU needed her, you just didn't know why at the time. Now you do.

I truly am sorry. Here are some extra {{{BIG HUGS}}} as it's all I can do from here. I hope in time Maggie gets over her grieving too and the 2 of you, having each other forge a new path of understanding and ways with each other.


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I'm sorry for your loss. He sounds like he was one giant ball of amazing! He and Molly are together. Shoot...I'm crying like a baby.

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Hugs, Lisa. Gosh I know how you feel and it breaks my heart. Our fur babies are even closer to our hearts in ways our own children aren't and it's a closeness that can't be put into words.

It's only been a few months since we lost Sophie and now Nala's not doing well. I can't even think about losing her, she's my baby.

Gentle hugs for your hurting heart.


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Lisa I just read that Rowdy passed away. It brought tears to my eyes. He was a brave companion. As they say he is over the rainbow bridge where he is warm, eating all the people food he wants and free to run the fields with all our other pups. Hugs to you.


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Just checking in to see how you are doing today. I know it is feeling sad and empty and it will for a long time. Many hugs.

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It just feels weird.

Oddly more so when I go into the yard than in the house. Molly slept so much in so many out of the way places the last few months......that it just sort of seems like that is what she's doing. But for so many years I'm used to talking / seeing Rowdy upon entering the yard that it is just downright strange for him not to be there.

Maggie is doing her best not to let me be sad.........if she's not wanting to play she's doing something silly to make me chuckle at her antics.


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Lisa, getting here late, I missed this one. I am so very sorry. Losing both of them in a week is traumatic, I hope you can do something kind for yourself, something comforting and sweet and nurturing. I am so sorry. Many gentle hugs to you..........