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  1. witzend

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    How are you feeling? Is everything going well? I don't think we have heard an update lately. I wanted you to know that you are in my thoughts.
  2. nvts

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    Hi! Thanks so much for asking! All's going well, the nausea is sort of subsiding but I'm still really tired.

    husband has picked up a lot of the slack around here.

    Friday night we told the kids that we had another baby on the way and the results were surprising.

    difficult child 1 didn't believe us at first, even after we showed him the sonograms. He said that we joke around so much, he wasn't sure if we were going to yell "psychiatric" after a while! I cracked up at that one. The next morning he came into our room and said good morning to my stomach and then promptly told me if I said "psychiatric" about this EVER, he'd be pretty mad.

    difficult child 2 SAID he was really happy, but had a meltdown last night and said that he liked being 1 of 3. After that the real issue came out that he was afraid that he would miss me too much if I stay at the hospital for more than a couple of hours. He and I sat and talked and he settled down. This morning he asked how's the baby doing and I told him it's on vacation for a few days. He looked at me like I had 15 heads and laughed. He said that he's feeling a lot better and that he's happy now. He hopes it's a girl so that things will be even around here (3 boys and 3 girls counting my husband and I).

    difficult child 3's eyes filled with tears and told me that "they are tears of joy". She's always wanted to be a big "stister" for all of her life, and now she gets to be one.

    So, we're in a good place right now! I'm sorry I haven't given updates lately, I didn't want to drive you guys nuts with all of this!

    Thanks again for asking. We're still not telling my sibs (I don't like them much lately, so I don't want them in my business!), so it's nice to have friends and family here to talk to!

    Hope all's well with you all!

  3. klmno

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    What a great update! You sound so happy- the whole family does- I'm glad things are going better and you're having better days now!! I guess this has been a reminder to several of us (not just you) that it isn't so good to hold things in when we're worried about something, HUH?
  4. Abbey

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    Nice update!!! Love the...I want to be an older sister thing. Tell her she is going to have to live up to the task. ;)

  5. mrscatinthehat

    mrscatinthehat Seussical

    So good to see that you are doing better. Hope things continue down the good road.

  6. susiestar

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    I am happy for you. I think it is so cute that difficult child 1 said good morning to your tummy. Also about the psychiatric! thing.

    difficult child 2 will adjust, there is time. He may just feel lost in the shuffle at times. Maybe making him part of the preparations will help? You know, give him something to be responsible for as you get ready for baby??

    "Big Stister" - that is one for the scrapbook, along with psychiatric!. She sounds like a cutie, and she will be a great big stister!

    Sending hugs, and keep us updated! We are interested, at least I am!
  7. DammitJanet

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    When is the baby due? Do we know the sex yet or did I miss that post? Do we get to "play" at offering up names...lol. Maybe we could all take part in a raffle for picking the date of the birth...and the baby's weight. Those are all fun things to do.
  8. nvts

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    The baby is due on Feb. 1st, but we always end up going early (difficult child's 1 & 2 nicked the amniotic sac, so I ended up delivering 3 weeks early with each, and difficult child 3 sent me into preclampsia so she was 3 weeks early as well) so the OB will schedule the C-section in early to mid January - last time I didn't even make it to the planned date! :surprise:

    Funny you should ask about the sex! Ggf3 asked me if we could know if it was a boy or a girl before it was born. I told her that as the baby gets bigger, the sonograms would get clearer and if we see a penis, we'll know if it's a boy. "GROSSSSSS!" I asked her why that's gross and she said "Mom, can't you say privates? The other word sounds totally gross!" I almost died laughing!:whiteflag:

    So, short answer - we don't know yet!

    I'd LOVE ideas on names! A creepy coincidence that we didn't know until all of our insurance cards arrived with only the first initials: 2 of our 1st names being with "E" and 3 of our names begin with "J".

    A hint on the weight: I'm a diabetic (type 1). We have pretty big babies!

  9. DammitJanet

    DammitJanet Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Ok....can I vote for my birthday for the due date! LOL...My birthday is Jan 17!

    Its also Ben Franklin's and since you like electrical storms...hey...its a good day...lmao.

    Birth weight. Im weighing in at 9 pounds then if you have big babies.
  10. witzend

    witzend Well-Known Member

    I'm glad to hear that the family is all on board. I'm totally with you on leaving your sibs out of it. It's none of their beeswax! Stay healthy!
  11. nvts

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    Thanks Witz! I always know that you've got my back! I have a feeling that the new morning wake-up routine is going to be Heckle, Jeckle and Clyde getting wedged in my bedroom door trying to be "first" to say good morning to my stomach!

  12. witzend

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    Heckle, Jeckle and Clyde! Lol!