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  1. Rene'

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    I am new to this website and am lookig for a support group for parents of o.d.d. kids in orange county california. i cant seem to find any on the web. Can anyone help? thanks, Rene'
  2. SnowAngel

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    AS far as finding a local support group in your area, I believe you would need to ask a mental health provider or counselor in your area. They usually have some type of support group that they have organized.

    You aren't the only one in your area. There is something out there I am sure. I just don't know who or where. You might try the childrens hospital's mental health center. Or you could ask a hospital social worker or a local parenting class provider.

    Hope this helps to get you started.
  3. SnowAngel

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    There is an Orange County brain disorder support group who might be able to steer you in the right direction.

    I don't know anything about this group, other than it is for support for bipolar. Here is the # (949)295-7680. They may know of support groups in your area.

    ODD rarely stands alone, so if there is another disorder with the ODD, you might have better luck finding a support group for the other disorder..

    Out here in AZ we have ADHD, Bipolar, Anxiety, Depression..etc..support groups, but I havent found a support group based only on ODD. I believe this is because it rarely is the only disorder.

    I truly hope this helps you. Please remember, we are here if you need to vent.
  4. Rene'

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    thanks for ur help. i am going to call that number. yes he does have other problems, adhd, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), anxiety, tourette's....it just seems the last 2 yrs, this o.d.d. has taken over our life and affected our family tremendously. xoxxoxoxo
  5. SnowAngel

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    You may want to take a look at the first forum listed. It helps with the abreviations that we use. Also you can create a signature like mine by going up to MY Stuff. It helps to know what you are dealing with and then we can help more accurately. You also wont have to repeat yourself so much.
  6. stepmom47

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    New to the board also...looking for support from anyone with a child who is ODD??
    At my wits end....
  7. RyMas

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    My 7 1/2 boy has ODD. He is abusive to myself, husband but especially to his 4 yo brother. He has been in counseling for over a year for anger managment problems. Reasoning does not seem to work for him. He were tested for ADHD which was negative but due to some signs they suggested we try Adderal. We did this for two days and he was violent and explosive. We were than sent to a new Dr. who suggested he may be bi-polar. I am not yet in agreement since he does not have mood swings, extreme highs and lows. He is just down right mean, moody and argumentative. New Dr. suggested we try a mood stabalizer. My husband and I put it off for a while hoping things would change but they didn't. We started Neurontin on Saturday. Can't tell yet if it's working.

    It's nice to meet other ODD mom's. It's difficult explaining my situation to friends. No one understands how hard 1 day can be. Let alone the emotional strain!!
  8. stepmom47

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    difficult child has been acting like this for 2 years now.
    husband & EX sided with the Dr. (1 session) that he needed to go back to live with-EX. difficult child told all that he would stop stealing and lying then...he continues to steal and lie.
    Still disrespectful to me and all in our house.
    I don't want to give up but it was taken out if my hands when he moved?
    I can't get him back to counseling and don't know any more what to say to husband & EX?
  9. SnowAngel

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    My youngest of 6 has ODD. It is emotionally exhausting. At the end of the day I find I am not physically tired but emotionally drained. My son has kicked holes in doors & walls, Hit & kicked siblings, has foul language, throws anything in sight, has gone after the cat, tried stabbing his brother (all knives are hidden now), tried running away(even while at school), Yells & screams horrible things and calls me names I have only heard from him.

    I find it is difficult to find people in my area who can relate. The school doesn't even understand it all...heck I don't understand it all!!
  10. stepmom47

    stepmom47 New Member

    husband & EX do not belive me when I tell them exactly what he is up to...
    difficult child eats anything relating to sugar.
    Cookies, Carmel topping right out of the container, blew through $40.00 worth of lunch money eating ice cream at 8 am...
    I told EX not to give him hot lunch money....
    They both say it's his age....
    I want to quite but I know that husband and I are at least trying...
    difficult child hates me and my other kids.
    Some days I am afraid, he has threatned to put poison in my drink!
  11. SnowAngel

    SnowAngel New Member

    I would repost with a new topic. You will probably get more advice that way. In the subject line put question, how do I handle this? Then type away. I am sure more members will give you suggestions.

    I know being a stepmom is hard (I am not one, but have dealt with 2) and overwhelming. You all three need to communicate with open ears..easier said then done I know. If you are always the one concerned it isn't going to help your stepson. Dad & mom need to understand whats going on and get him the help he needs.

    My ex & I went back and forth with the "blame game" and we never got anywhere. I felt like a never ending tornado. One day I told him enough of this. It doesn't matter where they got this from, they have it and we need to deal with it. For many of us it is hard to face that our kids have a problem. Maybe we did something wrong or it was our genetics that gave it to them. I think many of us have dealt with the guilt that goes with raising a difficult child. I am not sure if this is why your husband & his ex cant or wont see whats going on, but something needs to happen.

    Most disorders without treatment and support get worse. The emotional toll it causes on a marriage is usually not repairable in most cases.
  12. Big Bad Kitty

    Big Bad Kitty lolcat

    Stepmom, RyMas, and Rene',

    Hi there, I don't recall ever seeing you on the board before. Just wanted to welcome you and tell you that you found a wonderful place that is CHOCK full of moms with ODD kids. You will find much support here.

    ODD is rarely by itself, that is, most kids have that as an add-on to something else. All our kids have various degrees of combinations of diagnoses, and we all stick together with love and support to come up with creative ways to deal with them.

    One thing we usually suggest, is the book "The Explosive Child" by Ross Greene. Some do not like it, most do. It gives a good look inside the mind of the difficult child, and has great insight as to discipline.

    Again, welcome to the board!
  13. witzend

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    Perhaps these sugared foods are something that you will have to keep out of the house for your son's sake. Or under lock and key. We had a son who wouldn't eat anything but whatever wasn't in the house. I finally told him it was his choice to go hungry. He started eating.

    Why is he getting $40 for lunch? Why is he getting any cash at all? Doesn't the school have a credit system for the lunchroom?

    Is there poison available to him in your home? I hope it is locked up and monitored.

    If these threats are being made and no one believes you, you need to put at least a sound recorder in the house. My computer has one built into the screen.
  14. SnowAngel

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    Some cell phones also record. Witzend is right about the threats. My youngest used to grab the knives,scissors and whatever else was sharp. They are put up under lock & key. I suggest you try to lock up anything that can be poison to you or your household. Its so hard to say wether a threat will be carried out, but I wouldn't chance it.
  15. mellnewlife5

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    i really understand what u are going through my son was just diagnosed with odd on the 13th of this month iam very tired and worn out at night im new to this site and looking for support also he is also adhd and possible bipolar he has violent mood swings there gonna do a bunch of testing on him to see if there is a medication that might help hes on medications for adhd now he could not learn in school with out them hes in a Special Education class also he has learning disabilitys and he gets speech thearpy and Occupational Therapist (OT) its all so tiring when hes here and goes through his temper tantrums i have spent hours with him trying to get him settled down he does not adjust to new situations