O. M. G. Why not give them up instead???

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    Why would anyone do that??? They were so young and there is so much help available, especially now.

    She killed her children, age 2 and 5, because they were autistic!!! It is a very difficult condition to handle, esp when they are that little, but there is NO EXCUSE for what she has done!!

    There is a LOT of help available, both through social services and the schools, and through private resources and the internet. I can understand being overwhelmed and scared, but there are so many other ways to handle this.

    I pray it comes out that she is in some kind of deep trauma as she is talking to the 911 operator. She doesn't sound at all remorseful. Mostly she sounds upset because they wouldn't drink the bathroom cleaner so she had to strangle them.

    I KNOW the stresses and strains she lived with, as do many of y'all. But this is inexcusable in my book. At the very least she could have turned them over to social services if she couldn't handle raising them.

    So much love and potential just wasted.
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    How certain was the diagnosis? I would be asking who made the diagnosis and how the parents were told. A girls being diagnosed with autism - it is more difficult. Being diagnosed with autism below the age of 3 - again, very difficult. Put the two together and I'm wondering if maybe only the older boy had a diagnosis of sorts, and the mother was making assumptions about her daughter.

    Very sad.

    If someone had told me when I was a kid, that one day I would have autistic children, I would have probably never had kids. But what I have found, is that kids with autism can be much more of blessing and far less a burden, than ever I understood.

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    She was clearly at the end of her rope. But I can't help thinking that she was uniformed, as well. There are so many services. And what about a husband? Sisters and brothers?
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    Very sad-I just don't understand it. I get being at the end of your rope but I agree this is inexcusable.
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    Wow, what a terrible story -- and so soon after that Texas mayor killed herself and her teenage daughter apparently due to financial and legal problems. I've never wanted to kill my children, but when very depressed I've wanted to kill myself, so I do understand that irrational belief that death is the only solution. I don't really understand not killing herself after killing the children, though, and just explaining to the operator that she didn't want autistic children. Like what, did she think she was giving herself a fresh start? Like now she could just pop out a couple of neurotypical children and get on with her life? That, to me, sounds less like depression and more like a psychotic break. Very tragic all the way around. May the little ones RIP.